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Skip Bayless coins yet another savage nickname for LeBron - despite James' season already being over

Joshua Rogers April 13, 2022
Skip Bayless coins yet another savage nickname for LeBron - despite James' season already being over
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

On Twitter yesterday (13 April) Skip Bayless coined yet another savage nickname for LeBron, despite James’ season already being over.

The Lakers had a truly dismal season, finishing 11th in the Western Conference and therefore missing out on the playoffs.

It is a huge disappointment given the lofty expectations both they and everyone else had at the beginning of the season. Fans are not used to seeing LeBron James sit out a postseason, but at least the Lakers star gets to go on vacation a little early this year.

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Skip Bayless coins new nickname for LeBron – for no apparent reason

FS1’s Skip Bayless has a complicated relationship with LeBron, mostly stemming from the fact the Undisputed co-host is an ardent Michael Jordan fan.

Bayless never shies away from an opportunity to ridicule LeBron, and even though the Lakers forward is out of the playoff picture it seems he’s never too far away from the analyst’s thoughts.

During the NBA play-in tournament last night, which saw the Nets take on the Cavs and the Timberwolves face the Clippers, Bayless randomly decided to mock The King.

Skip created yet another nickname for LeBron, this time calling him LeGone, presumably because he’s ‘le gone’ from the playoffs.

People in the comments clapped back at Bayless, asking why he was thinking of LeBron when James had nothing to do with what was going on?

LeBron still tuning into NBA action

It seems LeBron wasn’t really that far away from NBA action, though. After the Timberwolves beat the Clippers, Patrick Beverley’s somewhat overzealous celebrations were going viral and James tweeted a series of laughing crying emojis, presumably in reaction to what he was seeing.

Either that or he’d seen Skip had tweeted about him again

Skip recently went off on Russell Westbrook

It’s not just LeBron who Skip has been critical of late, though. On a recent episode of Undisputed, Bayless went in on Russell Westbrook after the Lakers guard claimed he wasn’t given a fair chance by former head coach Frank Vogel.

“In all my years of watching every sport very closely, I have never, ever seen a player as defiantly delusional as this player,” Skip said. “This is flat-out sad. This was pointing fingers at everything and everyone except the man in the mirror.”

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