Richard Jefferson blasts former teammate Gilbert Arenas after draft remark

Joshua Rogers February 23, 2022
Richard Jefferson blasts former teammate Gilbert Arenas after draft remark
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After Gilbert Arenas made a remark about his draft placement, Richard Jefferson fired back at his former teammate. What’s the background to the beef?

Richard Jefferson has carved out a stellar broadcasting career since his playing days. The former Arizona Wildcat, who won a championship with the Cavs in 2016, isn’t one to mince words. And this week it was former college teammate Gilbert Arenas who found himself in the line of fire.

What did Arenas say about Jefferson?

An interview with Gilbert Arenas recently started circulating on social media. It involved Agent Zero discussing falling to the second round of the 2001 NBA Draft. Richard Jefferson was in that same class, and was college teammates with Arenas on the Arizona Wildcats.

However, Jefferson was selected by the New Jersey Nets with the No.13 overall pick, while Arenas went No.31 overall. In the interview, Gilbert expressed his confusion as to why Jefferson was selected before him as he was the “third or fourth option” on their Arizona team.

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Jefferson blasts Agent Zero on TikTok

Jefferson caught wind of Arenas’ interview and had some choice words for his former teammate.

He claimed a number of things, including that Arenas failed to make a good impression in his pre-draft tests, alleging Arenas showed “immediate red flags”. The ESPN analyst insulted Arenas further by calling him an “idiot”.

He also teased he had a secret about what Arenas did the night before the National Championship game, but didn’t go into specifics.

The Focus has contacted Richard Jefferson and Gilbert Arenas for comment.

Watch Arenas’ original interview and Jefferson’s response below:

Arenas has yet to respond to Jefferson’s comments but it would be interesting to hear his version of events. Jefferson is someone you don’t want to mess with – he’s shown a skill for quick-witted and cutting remarks.

His comment about Kendrick Perkins’ retirement during All-Star weekend was the perfect example of his barbed sense of humour:

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