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What did Nick Wright's tweets about the Clippers say? Host revels in Clips' loss to Mavericks in Game 2

Joshua Rogers May 26, 2021
What did Nick Wright's tweets about the Clippers say? Host revels in Clips' loss to Mavericks in Game 2
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What did Nick Wright say about the Clippers vs Mavericks game? The First Things First host was loving the Clippers’ loss to Luka Doncic and the Mavs in Game 2. Both he and Skip Bayless shared their thoughts on Twitter and they were as entertaining as you’d expect.

The Clippers are down 2-0 to the Mavericks and look out of ideas in regards to stopping Luka Doncic lighting them up.

Doncic scored 39 points on Tuesday night as the Mavs beat the Clippers 127-121. Pat Bev bore much of he brunt of Luka’ attacks, leading to much online trolling.

Fox Sport’s Nick Wright has been on the Clippers for a while now, and he wasn’t letting up in Game 2. Meanwhile, Undisputed co-host Skip Bayless was having a meltdown.

Here’s what they both said.

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What did Skip Bayless say about the Clippers’ Game 2 loss?

On a recent episode of Undisputed, Skip said Game 2 was ‘do or die‘ for the Clippers.

He started the night off fairly optimistic about the Clippers’ chances.

However, with them going down in the way they did, it was no wonder he soon lost his cool on Twitter.

He seemed to sense danger early on as the Mavs continued to make shots.

Skip Bayless then started sending his tweets out in full caps, a good indiction that he’s beginning to lose it.

He seemingly couldn’t get over how red hot Luka Doncic was.

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His halftime prediction was also pretty ominous for the Clippers.

That tweet seemed remarkably prophetic as the second half got underway and the Clippers’ struggles continued.

By the time the fourth quarter came around, Skip’s will was well and truly broken.

He commented that Doc Rivers – the former Clippers head coach – would love what was going on, before admitting that he thinks a sweep could be on the cards.

His final tweet of night sounded hugely dejected.

Skip remarked that he couldn’t wait for tomorrow’s Undisputed – presumably because he knows Shannon Sharpe will end up roasting him – before thanking Paul George aka ‘Pandemic P’ for what happened.

Nick Wright’s tweets about the Clippers Game 2 loss

Skip wasn’t the only pundit going in on the Clippers last night.

Nick Wright currently serves as a co-host on Fox Sports 1’s First Things First and is a known critic of the Clippers.

He’s also a well-known LeBron fan, so unlike Skip Bayless he seemed to revel in the Clippers’ misfortunes.

As the night wore on and Luka continued to pour it on the Clippers, Nick Wright sent out several tweets mocking them.

Nick Wright’s Luka Doncic playoff stat vs the Clippers

He then shared perhaps the most damning tweet of the night: Luka’s playoff record against the Clippers.

As expected, it doesn’t make for great reading if you’re a Clippers fan.

The Clippers will have to bounce back in Game 3 on Saturday.

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