NBA fans are well and truly sick of the Lakers getting national televised games

Joshua Rogers April 4, 2022
NBA fans are well and truly sick of the Lakers getting national televised games
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LA has suffered six straight defeats and is currently on the brink of playoff elimination. However, the Lakers keep getting nationally televised games – much to the annoyance of fans.

The Lakers are just not a very good team right now. After suffering their sixth consecutive defeat, the Purple and Gold are on the brink of playoff elimination.

Despite high expectations heading into the season, the various moves the Lakers have made, including the acquisition of Russell Westbrook, haven’t worked out.

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Fans are sick of seeing the Lakers get nationally televised games

Both the Eastern and Western Conferences have many tantalising storylines right now, and there are countless better teams in both conferences than the Lakers.

The Lakers are fading into obscurity and are largely playing terrible basketball, yet continue to get televised games. On 31 March, Stat Muse revealed that the Lakers had been given 42 nationally televised games this season, with 31 wins. Even if they were to win all their remaining games they would still have more nationally televised games than wins (38).

Since then, the Lakers have lost a further three games to the Jazz, Pelicans, and Nuggets. Meanwhile, games like the Milwaukee Bucks vs Philadelphia 76ers haven’t been on national TV.

A Reddit post with 13.5k upvotes said: “I cannot wait until the playoffs start. I’m sick and tired of watching the Lakers get every single national televised game. Once the playoffs start we won’t have to deal with that.”

One look at social media reveals that plenty of other fans are sick of seeing the Lakers get nationally televised games.

Lakers fall to Nuggets, are now on brink of playoff elimination

In seasons past you could understand why a LeBron-led team would be given more nationally televised games than anyone else. However, this season the injury-ravaged, and frankly old, Lakers are not a good team to watch, especially when they’re constantly getting blown out.

LeBron missed their most recent game against the Nuggets, while MVP frontrunner Nikola Jokic had 38 points and 18 rebounds.

It now means the Lakers are in a perilous position and on the brink of missing the play-in tournament. Even if the Lakers win their final four games, the Spurs, who are the 10th seed, would have to finish 1-3 over their final four games for the Lakers to get the No. 10 seed. Crucially, the Spurs also own the tiebreaker between the two teams. Even if the Lakers lose even one more game the Spurs only have to win one more to clinch the 10th seed.

The sooner the Lakers are put out of their misery the better for everyone…

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