Max Kellerman's 'I want Iguodala' clip resurfaces after Warriors vet shoots airball vs Nuggets

Joshua Rogers December 29, 2021
Max Kellerman's 'I want Iguodala' clip resurfaces after Warriors vet shoots airball vs Nuggets

After the Warriors recently lost a close game to the Denver Nuggets, Max Kellerman’s infamous ‘I want Iguodala’ clip resurfaced prompting some pretty hilarious comments.

Steph Curry is widely recognised as the greatest shooter ever. He recently broke Ray Allen’s all-time record after knocking down his 2,974th career three-pointer against the Knicks at MSG.

However, despite Steph’s greatness from beyond the arc, there was once a time when First Take co-host Max Kellerman would have picked Andre Iguodala over him if the game depended on it. Sadly, after Iggy’s airball against the Nuggets recently, one of Kellerman’s most outlandish statements came back to bite him.

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Max once picked Iguodala over Curry with ‘the fate of the universe on the line’

Back when he was on First Take opposite Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman would often get clowned over his ‘fate of the universe on the line’ statement. Kellerman would often use the phrase in regards to which player he’d want in that specific moment to make a big play in the most high pressure situation.

However, once upon a time – in 2019 – Max said his patented line, admitting he’d pick Iguodala over Steph to take the last shot.

He said, “I want Iguodala. That’s right…Iguodala’s got ice water in his veins… high-leverage moment — the fate of the universe on the line — open shot … I want Iguodala taking that shot for me.”

Iguodala airballs shot at the buzzer and Kellerman’s ‘I want Iguodala clip’ resurfaces

On Tuesday against the Nuggets, Kellerman’s theory that Iguodola was the man to take the last shot was put to the test. With seconds to go in the fourth quarter against the Nuggets – and the Warriors down by three – Iguodala received the ball on the left wing before letting fly at the buzzer.

Sadly, he not only missed the three-pointer, but he also happened to airball it, as the Warriors lost the game 89-86. Almost immediately afterwards, Kellerman’s ‘I want Iguodala’ clip resurfaced on social media as fans roasted the former First Take host.

To be fair to Iguodala, he is just coming back from a knee injury which caused him to miss the team’s last two games against the Memphis Grizzlies and Phoenix Suns. 

Despite the loss, the Warriors are still the No.1 seed in the Western Conference with a 27-7 record.

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