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Fans joke about Jusuf Nurkic’s 7 foot, 400-pound dad after scuffle involving Tyler Herro

Joshua Rogers January 6, 2022
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Photo by Soobum Im/Getty Images

The Trail Blazers big man recently got into an altercation with Miami’s Tyler Herro. The scuffle led to some fans joking that the Portland star isn’t to be messed with, as Jusuf Nurkic’s dad, Hariz, is a policeman back in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Portland Trail Blazers took on the Miami Heat on Wednesday night in what turned out to be a chippy affair. In the final minute of the game, an altercation between Portland’s Jusuf Nurkic and Miami’s Tyler Herro resulted in both men being ejected from the game.

Afterwards, NBA Twitter joked about Herro going at someone as big as Nurkic, referencing his equally intimidating dad.

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 Jusuf Nurkic and Tyler Herro ejected during Portland vs Miami game

The incident between the two players occurred in the fourth quarter when Nurkic set a hard screen on Herro near the three-point line. Herro hit Nurkic’s shoulder and fell to the floor as Nurkic rolled towards the basket.

Herro then stood up and ran towards Nurkic, pushing him in the back. Nurkic turned around and threw out his left arm as the two players were separated by their respective teammates. The two players were then subsequently ejected.

Twitter had jokes about the incident, highlighting the obvious height and weight differences between both men. Herro is just 1.96 m, and 88 kg, while Nurkic is 2.13 m, and 132 kg, so it’s hardly an even matchup, although fair play to Herro for not backing down.

Naturally, Herro’s now infamous boxing video did the rounds, showing his somewhat underwhelming fighting skills.

Someone even started a Nurkic Brothers Twitter account, much like Nikola Jokic’s brothers actually did when the Nuggets center got into it with Markieff Morris a few months back.

Fans also referenced Jusuf Nurkic’s dad, Hariz, who is a giant

Some also pointed to the fact it’s probably unwise to pick a fight with Jusuf Nurkic, as his dad Hariz Nurkic is somewhat of a legend in NBA circles.

According to Complex, Hariz Nurkic is a policeman in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to a Nurkic fan page (via SB Nation): ‘One day a Bosnian sports agent Enes Trnovcevic was reading a newspaper where he read: “Bosnian policeman, Hariz Nurkic has beaten 14 people in a fight.”

‘He knew what to do instantly! Next day he went to Tuzla and met with Nurkic’s father. The only thing he asked him was: “Do you have a son?” Jusuf Nurkic was at that time a 14 years old boy and never trained basketball. Enes Trnovcevic took him to Slovenia and gave him an opportunity he accepted and used.’

Many thought this was just wild internet rumors, but Jusuf reportedly confirmed it a few years ago, saying (according to Complex): “Yes, it is true, in some fight my father has beaten 14 people. My agent Enes found out about this and here I am.”

American sportswriter and host of ESPN Daily, Pablo S. Torre, has also spoken about Hariz Nurkic on TV before.

Jusuf Nurkic’s dad was even spotted at a game in 2015, and he certainly looks to be the huge figure he’s described as. Hopefully we’ll see him at a Blazers game in the not-too-distant future.

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