Isaiah Stewart height, weight and age difference with LeBron James revealed

Joshua Rogers November 22, 2021
Isaiah Stewart height, weight and age difference with LeBron James revealed
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Isaiah Stewart height, weight and age difference with LeBron James revealed following their on-court brawl during a recent Lakers vs Pistons game.

LeBron James and Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart were ejected on Sunday night following a huge on-court fracas between the Lakers and Pistons.

The incident came from James’ left elbow making contact with Stewart’s face when they fought for a rebound.

Stewart was initially calm, but appeared to fly into a rage after noticing the extent of the damage. Stewart had a large, bloody cut above his right eye and also had some blood around his lip.

Isaiah had to be held back by the Pistons coaching staff as he tried to reach James to get his revenge.

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Isaiah Stewart height and weight revealed

The power forward is a former Washington Huskie who was only drafted last year.  

The 20-year-old was initially drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers before being traded to the Houston Rockets. He was subsequently traded again to the Detroit Pistons.

Given his involvement in the incident with LeBron James, fans wanted to know Isaiah Stewart’s height and weight.

Isaiah Stewart’s height is listed as 6ft 9in (2.06m), and his weight is 250lb (113kg).

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LeBron James’ height and weight in 2021

LeBron doesn’t often get involved in on-court fights. In fact, he has only been ejected twice in his career.

LeBron may be 36 years old, but some people wanted to know if he can still look after himself.

Surprisingly, LeBron’s height and weight are very similar to Isaiah Stewart’s. In 2021, LeBron James’ height is listed as 6ft 8in (2.03m), while his weight is 250lb (113kg).

It seems both men are pretty evenly matched apart from the age difference – LeBron is 16 years Stewart’s senior.

Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Lakers and Pistons react to the incident

Neither LeBron nor Stewart were made available for comment after the game. However, several teammates and coaches of both men spoke about the incident.

“Everyone in the league knows LeBron’s not a dirty guy,” said James’ Lakers teammate Anthony Davis. “In fact, when he knew he hit him, as soon as he did it, he looked back at (Stewart) like, ‘Oh, my bad. I didn’t try to do it.'”

Meanwhile, Pistons coach Dwane Casey said: “It was a tough play with Isaiah. His eye got cracked all the way open and he was upset for a reason. I don’t think James is a dirty player but, again, it got them going.”

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