Fans can't decide if insane video of Steph Curry hitting five full-court shots is real or fake

Joshua Rogers December 5, 2022
Fans can't decide if insane video of Steph Curry hitting five full-court shots is real or fake
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Fans can’t decide if the insane viral video of Steph Curry hitting five full-court shots in a row is real or fake.

Steph Curry is widely recognised as the greatest shooter in NBA history.

However, this latest video is utterly ridiculous even for his lofty standards.

Insane footage of Steph Curry’s full-court shots goes viral

On 4 December 2022, a video of Steph Curry making five full-court shots in a row went viral, and fans were divided if the footage was real or fake.

The video quickly racked up thousands of likes and retweets on social media after being posted by @ari_fararooy.

‘Captured a video of @StephenCurry30 casually making full court shots after we wrapped our shoot for @SInow’, he wrote on Twitter.

The footage showed Curry making the insane full-court shots one after another before running out of the gym giggling:

Fans are split on whether it’s real or fake

It’s an absolutely bonkers bit of footage, and fans on social media can’t agree on whether it’s real or fake.

Some think it is real, noting the proper continuation of the clock on the backboard, while others said it can’t possibly be real as it’s too insane for them to process.

Some also pointed out that Ari Fararooy, the person who filmed it, is a video director who helps create stylized work for brands, and celebrities.

Here’s what people were saying:

Curry is yet to confirm if the footage is real or fake. We sincerely hope it is because it might just be the coolest thing any human has ever done.

If anyone can sink five full court shots in a row, it’s Steph Curry.

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