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Who are Draymond Green's mom and dad after Cedric Maxwell's 'daddy' comment?

Joshua Rogers June 9, 2022
Who are Draymond Green's mom and dad after Cedric Maxwell's 'daddy' comment?
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Warriors star Draymond Green and Celtics legend Cedric Maxwell have been going back and forth all week. After Maxwell’s “daddy” comment, we find out more about Draymond Green’s mom and dad.

Draymond Green’s off-court antics are almost overshadowing his woeful Finals performance against the Celtics. The Warriors man fouled out against the Celtics in Game 3 with little more than four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

He finished with a rather ugly two points, four rebounds, three assists, and two turnovers.

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Playoffs on NBA Lane | Official Trailer

Playoffs on NBA Lane | Official Trailer

Cedric Maxwell’s ‘daddy’ comments explored

Draymond has been engaged in a war of words with Celtics legend Cedric Maxwell this week. Maxwell was part of the Celtics’ 1981 and 1984 championship teams and won Finals MVP in 1981.

His beef with Draymond started when he said Green’s behaviour in this year’s Finals would not have been tolerated back when he played.

“I’m gonna be as clear as I can,” Maxwell told Gary Payton on Sunday. “That s*** Draymond Green was doing, during the 80s he would have got knocked out.”

Green clapped back via a rather convoluted rant about physicality “back in the day” and a lot of so-called “tough guys” being overrated:

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Not one to hold back, Maxwell responded: “You keep saying nobody punched nobody. You ask Charles Barkley what happened when he and I got in a fight when I was in LA with the Clippers.

“Draymond wasn’t even born when I was playing. Draymond, ask your daddy who I was.”

What we know about Draymond Green’s mom and dad

After the rather cutting remarks fans wanted to know more about Draymond Green’s mom and dad. Draymond’s mom is Mary Babers-Green (more on her in a minute), while his biological father is Wallace Davis.

However, Mary and Wallace split up while Draymond was young and the Golden State Warriors star had no relationship with his real father growing up.

Mary later remarried, to Raymond Green, who is Draymond’s stepfather. It was during this time Draymond took his stepfather’s surname.

Draymond’s stepdad and mother got divorced when he was 12 years old. Following their divorce, Draymond’s mother raised her children as a single parent. In total, Draymond has five siblings. His brother, Torrian Harris, played college basketball for Nebraska-Omaha from 2009 to 2011.

His three sisters are LaToya Barbers, Jordan Davis, and Gabby Davis, and he also has another brother, Braylon Green, after his stepfather remarried and had another child. 

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Draymond’s mom has been vocal throughout these playoffs

While Draymond has no relationship with Wallace Davis, he remains close to his mom, Mary Babers-Green, who has been a vocal supporter of him throughout the playoffs.

She was a guest on 95.7 The Game’s The Morning Roast and joked about Draymond and Charles Barkley’s relationship, which has grown as a result of Draymond appearing on Inside the NBA.

“I believe Charles Barkley has a job to do,” Babers-Green said (via NBC Sports). “He gets paid to be a heckler. If Dray is the one you wanna pick on, go ahead and pick on him. But he can always put up a middle finger and say, ‘It’s a ring, Chuck.’ He can’t deny that. He doesn’t have a ring, so, hey. If you’re a great or not, it doesn’t show if you don’t got that ring. That’s what they play for.”

However, she was less kind to ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins, who recently got into it with Draymond.

“He doesn’t really bother me at all,” she said. “I never even knew who Kendrick Perkins was until recently.”

Babers-Green also appeared on The Morning Roast before Game 3 between the Warriors and Celtics. Speaking about the physicality and drama that’s been on display in the series, she said (via NESN 360): “Them crying was just ridiculous because they supposedly are the tough guys.

“So if you’re a tough guy, why you crying when somebody gets tough with you? Just play the game. Just go ahead and play the game.”

You can follow Mary on Twitter, where she has more than 29,000 followers and often tweets about basketball.

Do you think the Warriors can bounce back in Game 4? Let us know in the comments below!

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