'Funeral meme' Big Fendi has petition to ring Sixers bell vs Nets

Joshua Rogers March 2, 2022
'Funeral meme' Big Fendi has petition to ring Sixers bell vs Nets
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‘Funeral meme’, aka Big Fendi, has launched a petition to ring the Philadelphia 76ers bell vs the Brooklyn Nets on 10 March 2022. Here’s his back story with the organisation and Philly’s Joel Embiid.

The biggest deal ahead of the trade deadline this year was Ben Simmons being sent to Brooklyn in exchange for James Harden and a few picks.

It’s clear there was no real love lost between Simmons and Philly big man Joel Embiid towards the end of their time together. As news broke of Simmons’ trade, Embiid shared a pretty savage meme on Twitter:

The meme made famous the phrase: “I stopped by one of my biggest hater’s funeral today just to make sure they were dead.” It basically means good riddance and Embiid wouldn’t be crying any tears over Simmons’ departure.

Embiid never properly acknowledged the meaning of the tweet when asked about it by reporters. He gave the explanation he’d just seen a picture of a guy with swag he wanted to share with his followers:

Embiid takes photo with Big Fendi, aka the hater’s funeral meme guy, at All-Star game

The man behind the original meme is known as Big Fendi TV. On Instagram he has more than 630,000 followers and he also hosts a popular podcast.

Big Fendi also happened to be at the All-Star Game recently, and made sure he got a picture with Joel Embiid, who was playing for Team Durant.

Fendi captioned the post on Instagram: “Had to run up on my guy @joelembiid. He tweeted my iconic Instagram hater post when Phily traded Ben Simmons. That tweet landed me multiple seven-figure situations. It’s funny how a complete stranger can position you to make millions faster than (someone) you knew all your life.”

Big Fendi launches petition to ring Sixers bell vs Nets

The Nets visit Philadelphia on 10 March in a game that could potentially see Ben Simmons and James Harden face-off. Ahead of the game, some Sixers fans are petitioning for Big Fendi to ring the bell before tip-off.

Fendi even posted about the petition on Twitter, saying he’s all in on the idea.

At present, the petition has 5,394 signatures. However, the Sixers are almost guaranteed to not allow this to happen (trolling an opposing player that hard could be a bad idea). Still, stranger things have happened. Watch this space!

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