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Are Reggie Bullock and Sandra Bullock related? Recent tweet confuses fans

Joshua Rogers January 12, 2022
Are Reggie Bullock and Sandra Bullock related? Recent tweet confuses fans
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks player sent out a tweet that both amused and confused fans. So are Reggie Bullock and Sandra Bullock cousins, or even related at all?

Reggie Bullock is a member of the Dallas Mavericks and has been in the NBA since 2013, when he was drafted by the LA Clippers with the 25th overall pick.

Sandra Bullock, that other famous Bullock, is an Academy Award-winning actress and producer who has been in films such as Speed, Miss Congeniality, Blindside, Gravity and Bird Box. Until now, Reggie Bullock and Sandra Bullock had never really entered peoples’ minds together. However, a recent tweet by the NBA player has led to some confusion.

NBA 2K22 | Accolades Trailer 2

NBA 2K22 | Accolades Trailer 2

Reggie Bullock tweets that he and Sandra Bullock are cousins

On Tuesday, 11 January, Reggie Bullock caused amusement – and plenty of confusion – when he tweeted to his 100k followers that he and Sandra Bullock were cousins. He said: “Just so you know, me and Sandra Bullock (are) first cousins (followed by a crying laughter emoji).”

People on social were pretty confused by the tweet

The comments under the post were a mix of funny basketball/movie-related puns, and confusion. One fan suggested a new film of Reggie and Sandra’s – Three Point Notice – a play on Sandra’s film Two Weeks’ Notice.

Another suggested a crossover film entitled Nothing But Net, a subtle twist on Sandra’s movie The Net.

One person responded to Reggie, saying: “You’ve been waiting your whole life to tweet this.” Bullock replied: “Stamped!!” Seems he gave it his stamp of approval.

Are Reggie Bullock and Sandra Bullock actually related?

Aside from the humour many fans, particularly on Reddit, were confused by the post. “Is he joking or for real? I need to be 100% sure,” one person said. “I don’t get it. Why did he wait his whole life to tweet that now?” another added.

People have generally wondered whether Reggie Bullock and Sandra Bullock are related, or indeed cousins. Sadly, they are not. They are no relation to one another.

So why did he tweet it? It’s probably just a joke referring to the fact they have the same surname. Perhaps Reggie is often asked whether he’s related to Sandra Bullock and thought he’d have a bit of fun with it?

He also followed up things with a tweet stating: “Like my mama said… everyone with the same last name (is) related.”

Perhaps it’s a message to people before they ask him about Sandra Bullock in future? Maybe, but at least we all had some fun.

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