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Why is Durhamtown Off Road Resort closed?

Bruno Cooke January 5, 2022
why is durhamtown closed


Durhamtown Off Road Resort, established 1991, announced via Facebook and on its website that it is closing – effective immediately. Why is Durhamtown closed? Here’s what we know.

Why is Durhamtown Off Road Resort closed?

Mike announced via Facebook – and Durhamtown’s website – that the off road resort would be closing down, effective immediately.

It was “with a heavy heart”, and with appreciation for “each and every one of you over the years and your continued support”. But the announcement didn’t come with any explanation as to why Durhamtown is shutting down.

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The Focus has reached out to Durhamtown via email and is awaiting a response.

Reddit users speculate regarding Durhamtown’s sudden closure

A thread in the subreddit r/Motocross contains various speculations as to why Durhamtown closed, especially with so little notice, in the first days of 2022.

The top comment makes reference to a lawsuit Durhamtown lost in December of 2019. A Greene County jury awarded about $15 million to a young man who was “severely injured” – Online Athens reported at the time – at the motocross venue.

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The actual incident occurred in December 2014; Coleman Rogers of Dahlonega was 15 years old at the time. He required a “partial amputation of the right leg” for his injuries. He received $14.2 million himself, while his parents shared an extra $734,000.

One Reddit user, who claims to work for “the local newspaper” around Union Point, writes that there’s speculation that the lawsuit could have been “the nail in the coffin” for Durhamtown Off Road Resort. This is, however, unconfirmed and speculative at this stage.

Was there any forewarning about Durhamtown’s decision to close?

Just days ago, Durhamtown Off Road Park’s Facebook page shared a video of the resort’s new year celebrations. 

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The Day Before | Official GeForce RTX Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Travelling band Reckless Soul performed at the party. But three days later, “weather conditions” shut the park – Durhamtown said on Monday that they would “try again tomorrow”.

Because it seemed to happen at such short notice, the aforementioned Reddit user has suggested that the park’s closure had something to do with its insurance. As and when more information becomes available, we will update this article accordingly.

Another wrote that, on December 21, they had tried to make a reservation at the park for January 14. They were “no longer taking any new reservations”, but apparently didn’t reveal the reason why.

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