F1: What are the Karen Horner memes? Fans troll Red Bull's Christian Horner with parody Twitter account

Joshua Rogers July 30, 2021
F1: What are the Karen Horner memes? Fans troll Red Bull's Christian Horner with parody Twitter account
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Red Bull Racing’s request for a reassessment of Hamilton’s penalty at the British Grand Prix was overturned recently. Team Principle Christian Horner has been steadfast in his attempts to change the severity of the penalty, prompting F1 fans into creating hilarious Karen Horner memes. One person even created a Karen Horner Twitter account.

Christian Horner hits out at Hamilton after Verstappen crash

The first lap of the recent British GP at Silverstone was one of the most exciting in years.

Championship leader Max Verstappen and seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton were side by side before touching going into Copse Corner.

Verstappen spun off the track, hitting the barriers with a 51G impact.

F1 2021 – Launch Trailer

F1 2021 – Launch Trailer

Afterwards, Red Bull’s team principal Christian Horner was livid with Hamilton. However, despite the protests to the FIA, Hamilton was only given a ten-second penalty.

“Max has incurred a 51G accident, Lewis Hamilton is a world champion and he shouldn’t be making manoeuvres like that. It’s unacceptable”, Horner said afterwards.

“You just don’t stick a wheel up the inside of Copse in that corner in that circumstance. He was nowhere near ahead, it was contact left-front to right-rear, and the speed that they’re travelling it’s one of the fastest corners in the championship.

“Lewis has got more than enough experience to know that is unacceptable. I’m just very disappointed that a driver of his calibre should make such a move like that. It’s dangerous, it looked desperate.”

Hamilton went on to win the race, which Horner described as a “hollow victory.”

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Red Bull’s penalty request rejected

After the race, Red Bull, and indeed Horner, did all in their power to change the severity of Hamilton’s penalty.

The team presented a series of information at a hearing with the FIA, including the GPS data from the cars showing their positioning.

They also presented similar data, car speeds and simulation information of Hamilton and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in the manoeuvre in which the Mercedes driver passed for the lead with two laps to go.

However, Red Bull’s request for a reassessment of Hamilton’s penalty was rejected, with stewards ruling that there was no significant additional evidence to take into account.

Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Karen Horner memes circulate online

Horner is well known for being a competitive individual, but fans believe he’s taking it to new levels of pettiness.

F1 followers have recently created the Karen Horner meme, poking fun at the Red Bull boss.

“Karen” typically refers to entitled people demanding beyond the scope of what is normal.

They often use their privilege to demand their own way, and are associated with being the kind of people who demand to “speak to the manager”.

F1 fans have been running with the Karen Horner memes, and now they’re pretty much everywhere following Red Bull’s failed request against Hamilton

Karen Horner even has its own Twitter account

Following the influx of Karen Horner memes, someone created their own Karen Horner Twitter account.

Its bio reads: ‘#WhingerSpice Aka #SaltySpice. Massive Max Verstappen stan. Always Karening. Parody. #F1’

Some of the tweets are pretty hilarious.

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