Chicago fans have been asking what happened to Cubs announcer Jim Deshaies recently. JD was missing from his usual commentary duties but provided an update on where he’s been.

The Chicago Cubs beat the Washington Nationals 6-3 Monday night for their third win in four games. The Cubs (44-64) face the Nationals again on Tuesday night but it seems as though Cubs color commentator Jim Deshaies will be missing from his usual duties.

The former left-handed starting pitcher was absent from the booth on Monday night, and fans were asking what happened to Jim Deshaies.

MLB | Home Run Derby Gameplay Trailer

MLB | Home Run Derby Gameplay Trailer

Deshaies first moved to the Cubs TV broadcast in 2013

The 62-year-old played for six team over the course of 12 seasons in MLB, making his debut for the New York Yankees in 1984. However, Deshaies’ first full season was with the Astros in 1986, and was a mainstay on the Astros’ rotation from 1986 to 1991.

After stints with the Padres, Twins, Giants and Phillies, Jim decided to call time on his career in 1995. Two years later he joined the Houston Astros broadcast team, and quickly became a cult favorite among Astros fans along with his TV partner, Bill Brown.

Deshaies was described as an easy conversationalist, and was well respected for his extensive knowledge, keen insights, and quick wit.

In 2013, he accepted a four-year offer from WGN to be the color commentator for the Chicago Cubs telecasts. In 2017 his contract was extended and he has been with the Cubs ever since.

what happened to jim deshaies cubs announcer where has he been
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What happened to Cubs announcer Jim Deshaies – why has he not been announcing?

During the game against the Nationals at Wrigley Field on Monday night, many fans were asking what happened to Jim Deshaies and why he wasn’t announcing.

Thankfully, Deshaies explained the reasons for his absence and gave an update on his status. Jim wrote that he had tested positive for covid-19 and was expecting to be out of action for a few days:

It’s likely he will miss the second game between the Cubs and Nationals at Wrigley Field on Tuesday night. Some fans heard about Jim’s absence on the broadcast and wished him a speedy recovery:

The Field of Dreams game returns this week

The Cubs have two more games with the Nationals this week before the Field of Dreams game which is set to take place later this week.

The Cubs will take on the Cincinnati Reds in the second Field of Dreams game staged by MLB. The game will take place at the iconic Dyersville, Iowa field where the movie of the same name took place.

The teams have already unveiled their throwback looks, with the Reds set to wear their 1919 World Series uniforms, while the Cubs will don their cream-colored jerseys from the late 1920s.

Last season, the Chicago White Sox defeated the New York Yankees in a 9-8 thriller.

Who do you think will win the Field of Dreams game this year? Let us know in the comments below!