After the death of the legendary Dodgers broadcaster, we remember the time Vin Scully beat MLB icon Jackie Robinson in an ice-skating race.

The baseball world was collectively saddened at the news beloved Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully had passed away at the age of 94.

Scully was the longest-tenured broadcaster with a single team in pro sports history. He covered the Dodgers for an incredible 67 years from 1950.

Scully captured the hearts of a city with his voice. He covered iconic moments such as Hank Aaron’s 715th home run in 1974 to break Babe Ruth’s all-time record, as well as Kirk Gibson’s famous hobbled home run in the 1988 World Series.

ESPN reports the Dodgers spoke to family members, who told them Scully died at his home in the Hidden Hills section of Los Angeles. No cause of death was given.

“We have lost an icon,” Dodgers president and chief executive Stan Kasten said in a statement.

vin scully jackie robinson ice skating race
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Vin Scully once beat Jackie Robinson in an ice-skating race

Countless tributes and messages poured in for Vin on social media after his passing. One photo that went viral was of Vin Scully ice skating with MLB icon Jackie Robinson.

The black-and-white photo was shared by Twitter account Talkin’ Baseball. It has been liked more than 29k times at the time of writing:

During a Dodgers game Vin once spoke about ice skating with Jackie Robinson and his wife Rachel Robinson. Vin recounted how Robinson said he wanted to race Scully when the pair were putting on their skates.

Jackie had apparently never been on skates in his life but still wanted to test himself against Vin, who admittedly wasn’t a great skater either. Jackie said he wanted to race Vin because “that’s how he was going to learn.”

According to Dodgers History, Jackie won the race, making him one of a small group of people who ever beat Jackie in any race.

Listen to Vin recount the story below:

Vin Scully on Gene Hermanski and Jackie Robinson

In 2020 Vin also told the story of ice skating with Jackie Robinson. Scully admitted he was scared for Rachel Robinson because she was about seven months pregnant at the time.

Scully also went on to describe the atmosphere around Jackie’s arrival to the big leagues in the early 1950s and the many threats he received.

In the story, Vin remembers how Gene Hermanski suggested everyone wear the number 42 so angry fans wouldn’t be able to tell the Dodgers apart.

In 1997, MLB retired Jackie’s uniform No. 42 across all major league teams. On Jackie Robinson Day in 2004, every player on every team wore No. 42, turning Hermanski’s suggestion into a reality.

Listen to the story below:

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