Is Rachel Balkovec married? Meet Yankees' first female manager in minors

Yasmine Leung January 11, 2022
Is Rachel Balkovec married? Meet Yankees’ first female manager in minors

The New York Yankees have recruited Rachel Balkovec as manager for their minor team, the Tampa Tarpons, the New York Post reports. The historic hire establishes her as the first female manager in the history of the minor leagues. Naturally, baseball fans are interested to know more about her, including whether she’s married.

Rachel Balkovec made history in November 2019 when she signed a contract to become a minor league hitting coach for the Yankees, as reported by ESPN. Her streak continues as she has now been promoted to manager for the team’s Low-A affiliate in Tampa.

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Get to know Rachel Balkovec

Balkovec was born 5 July 1987 in Omaha, Nebraska, and has two sisters – Stephanie and Valerie.

Her interest in sports began at a young age, having played softball during childhood, and she continued in college at The University Of New Mexico – she studied kinesiology and exercise science and gained a masters in sports administration at Louisiana State University.

Rachel went on to focus on strength and conditioning and interned for several teams including the Saint Louis Cardinals, Arizona State and the Chicago White Sox.

Balkovec’s first full-time job in professional baseball was as the Cardinals’ minor league strength and conditioning coordinator.

After a few years as a strength coach, she returned to study for a second master’s degree in biomechanics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, to transition into a hitting coach.

Along with the mentoring of Dillon Lawson, the 2022 Yankees’ new major league hitting coach, she was eventually hired as the minor league hitting coach, in 2019.

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Is Rachel Balkovec married?

According to the New York Times, Balkovec often encountered this question as people instantly assumed she was married to a baseball player, thus explaining her presence at baseball conferences.

The 34-year-old has spoken about her struggles as a female in a male-dominated sport.

In an interview with Fox Sports, she claimed she was denied roles at several teams because of her gender, prompting her to change her name from Rachel to Rae on applications. She received more responses after that but, after employers heard her voice, it failed to progress further.

Judging from her social media, Balkovec isn’t married or in a relationship. Haq Express claims she has a partner, but there’s no evidence to confirm this. It may just be she prefers to keep her private life offline.

What is Balkovec’s salary?

Her exact salary has never been disclosed online but a 2010 article by Baseball America claims minor league managers, who typically work on one-year contracts with the parent organisation, usually make between $20,000 and $60,000.

The salary is dependent on the manager’s level and experience, but since that figure was 12 years ago, we predict the range will have increased by now.

A former long-time minor league manager told Baseball America at the time: “No one is making $100,000, I can tell you that.”

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