Who is Michael Porter Jr's mother? Lisa Porter was a basketball legend

Samantha McGarry September 8, 2020
Who is Michael Porter Jr's mother? Lisa Porter was a basketball legend
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Who is Michael Porter Jr’s mother? The young basketball player may have inherited his talent from mom Lisa Porter, whose basketball prowess made her a high school legend.

Michael Porter Jr has been grabbing plenty of headlines as the Denver Nuggets’ power forward this season.

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The youngster was perhaps always going to be a basketball star, since his father was a coach, and several of his siblings play to a high standard. But it might be his mother he needs to thank the most. In high school, mom Lisa Porter (née Becker) averaged twice as many points per game as Le Bron James manages. That’s right – 58.7 to Le Bron’s 27.1.

Who is Michael Porter Jr’s mother?

At six foot four, Lisa Porter remembers always excelling at the sport.  During high school, she averaged 58.7 points per game as a senior in 1983 for her team, Jefferson High, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa – a record she feels confident her son won’t be able to match in the fiercely competitive world of the NBA.

After high school, Porter went on to play basketball at the University of Iowa, where she scored a total of 1,335 points over the course of three years. She also led her team to their first Big Ten title, and went on to play professionally in Europe.

Many of her kids are basketball powerhouses

As well as being a basketball phenomenon in her own right, Lisa Porter has an MBA and was a high-flyer for Hewlett-Packard. She was so good that she got the chance to travel during the summer with the Athletes In Action basketball team, a scheme centred around religion and basketball. 

She ultimately decided to set aside her career in order to homeschool her and husband Michael Porter Snr’s eight children. Porter Snr was an accomplished coach, and between the two of them, the couple taught their children their way around the basketball court. 

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“Their mom and dad did a lot of skill work with them,” Robin Pingeton, Missouri women’s coach has said. “They grew up around the sport.”

Michael Porter Jr’s brother Jontay Porter plays for the Memphis Grizzlies, and sisters Bri and Cierra have played on Mizzou Women’s Basketball team.

Lisa Porter believes in the benefits of a vegan diet

In 2018, as her sons were working towards selection by an NBA team, she encouraged them to switch to a solely plant-based diet. She hired a vegan diet consultant, Doug Graham, and developed a range of vegan pizzas and other delights to help keep their training on course.  

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The plan seemed to pay off – or certainly didn’t do any harm – as Michael went on that summer to be drafted by the Denver Nuggets. 

As Michael Jr says, “She went overseas to play. That was back when there was no WNBA. She was legit.” 

Lisa Porter’s career acts as a reminder that gender is no barrier to basketball greatness – although height and a family tradition can certainly help.

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