Meet Lane Kiffin's daughters Landry and Presley, the budding TikTok stars

Joshua Rogers July 20, 2022
Meet Lane Kiffin's daughters Landry and Presley, the budding TikTok stars
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The Ole Miss head coach recently went viral on TikTok, a platform Lane Kiffin’s daughters Landry and Presley are increasingly active on.

Lane Kiffin has been around college football for what seems like forever. Currently, the 47-year-old is head football coach at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).

The former USC and Tennessee – and Raiders – head coach has been with the Rebels since 2019 and is attempting to build the program into an SEC powerhouse.

Lane Kiffin has three children

Away from the football field, the Ole Miss head coach is a doting dad. Lane Kiffin has three children with ex-wife Layla Kiffin, who he was married to from 2004 to 2016.

Lane’s three children are daughter Landry (born 2005), daughter Presley (born 2007) and son Knox (born 2009).

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His reaction to costly Zara purchase goes viral

Recently, Lane went to the mall with daughters Landry and Presley for a spot of retail therapy. However, it appears a certain shopping spree at Zara got a little out of hand.

In the video, which was shared by Landry on TikTok and has since gone viral, Lane can be seen sitting in a chair looking rather non-plussed.

However, when he turns around to ask them the extent of the damage, he looks a little lost for words. Turning around in his chair he says, “I don’t even know what to do,” before asking how much Presley spent.

Landry says “$721” and Lane’s reaction says it all:


Daughters Landry and Presley are big on TikTok

Lane is pretty active on social media and often shares pictures with his son and their dog Juice, spending a bit of quality time together:

Daughters Landry and Presley are a little bit older but Lane is no less close to them. Last year he posted a birthday message to eldest daughter Landry on her 17th birthday:

Both are pretty active on TikTok, with Landry having 2.8 million likes and 31.2k followers. Lane was recently the unsuspecting victim of the viral “ugly baby” trend on TikTok.

His reaction was pretty priceless:

Presley Kiffin can be found @kiffkiff_:

During a recent Father’s Day post, Lane was caught being smacked in the face with a tortilla by his daughter Presley:

It’s great to see that, despite working in a high-pressure job, Lane doesn’t take life too seriously and finds time to spend with his family.

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