New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter has been enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame one year after originally intended. Jeter received a vote on 396 of the 397 ballots. Here’s former teammate Mariano Rivera’s total Hall of Fame votes and percentage.

MLB The Show 21 – Accolades Trailer

MLB The Show 21 – Accolades Trailer

Derek Jeter enshrined in Baseball Hall of Fame

New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter has finally been enshrined in the Hall of Fame after last year’s ceremony was canceled due to the pandemic.

The 47-year-old former shortstop was part of the Class of 2020 alongside inductees Ted Simmons and Larry Walker.

The voting took place in early 2020. Jeter fell just one vote short of being unanimously voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

He received a vote on 396 of the 397 submitted ballots.

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How many Hall of Fame votes did Mariano Rivera receive?

If Jeter would have received a vote on all 397 ballots, he would have joined Mariano Rivera as the only player to have been elected by a unanimous vote.

In 2019, Mariano Rivera received 100% of the votes as all 425 voters elected him into the Hall of Fame.

Rivera had a sub-3.00 ERA in 17 of his 19 big league seasons – and a sub-2.00 ERA in 11 of those campaigns.

Rivera was a 13-time All-Star and earned a share of MVP votes nine times.

He is Major League Baseball’s all-time leader in saves and helped lead the Yankees to five World Series titles.

The shutdown closer had a 0.70 ERA over 141 postseason innings, helping lead the Yanks to five World Series titles alongside teammate Jeter.

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The top 10 highest voting percentages in Hall of Fame history

According to, these are the top 10 highest voting percentages in Hall of Fame history:

1. Mariano Rivera, 2019 – Vote total: 100% (425/425)

2. Derek Jeter, 2020 – Vote total: 99.7% (396/397)

3. Ken Griffey Jr., 2016 – Vote total: 99.3% (437/440)

4. Tom Seaver, 1992 – Vote total: 98.8% (425/430)

5. Nolan Ryan, 1999 – Vote total: 98.8% (491/497)

6. Cal Ripken Jr., 2007 – Vote total: 98.5% (537/545)

7. Ty Cobb, 1936 – Vote total: 98.2% (222/226)

8. George Brett, 1999 – Vote total: 98.2% (488/497)

9. Hank Aaron, 1982 – Vote total: 97.8% (406/415)

10. Tony Gwynn, 2007 – Vote total: 97.6% (532/545)

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