Who is Kim Ng's husband Tony Markward? Get to know the Marlins manager

Bruno Cooke March 15, 2021
Photo by Marcelo Maragni/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Kim Ng recently took over as general manager of Major League Baseball (MLB) team the Miami Marlins, which placed her in the spotlight. Now baseball fans are curious to know more about her personal life. So, who is Kim Ng’s husband? Meet winemaker Tony Markward.

Kim Ng’s husband, Tony Markward, owns Silas Wines

Kim Ng’s husband Tony Markward hails from Dubuque, Iowa, where his great-grandfather used to make wine from whatever he could grow in his garden. According to his site bio, this included, but was not limited to, grapes.

Tony has worked as a public policy consultant and TV editor. His previous forays into the world of beverages include investments in a coffee company, part-time work in a restaurant kitchen and… drinking wine.

YouTube pronunciation assistant How To Say has made a helpful video with guidance on how to pronounce Tony Markward’s name.

In 2011, Tony met Silas Wines co-founder Todd Sigaty, who was then working as a lawyer. They met through Tony’s wife, MLB executive Kim Ng. 

One thing led to another and, soon enough, Tony was on board as a Willamette winemaker.

Who is Tony’s wife, Kim Ng?

Kim Ng and Tony Markward live in upstate New York. Kim Ng recently made history by becoming, on 13 November, the first female manager of an MLB team – the Miami Marlins. 

She is also the first Asian-American general manager in MLB history. Many have remarked on the significance of the appointment, including Michelle Obama:

MLB itself has also tweeted in celebration of the appointment, emphasising the fact it changes “the idea that people have about what a GM (general manager) looks like”.

Although baseball dominates her professional life, Kim Ng is also an avid golfer. If she’s an avid wine drinker, she’s well placed for that too.