Katie George confirms height as ESPN star towers above her colleagues

Eve Edwards September 18, 2022
Katie George confirms height as ESPN star towers above her colleagues
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Since bursting onto the sportscasting scene, there has been much curiosity over Katie George’s height as she stands her ground against towering sporting stars.

Last year saw Katie George, 28, make the biggest move of her career as she joined ESPN full-time. Previously Katie had worked with the ACC Network and Fox Sports Wisconsin.

This fall sees Katie George join the ESPN in their college football coverage. So, as a new season commences, let’s take a look at how tall Katie is in comparison to her broadcasting colleagues.

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Katie George confirms her height

Back in 2019, Katie George quelled curiosity over her height by confirming that she is 5ft 9. A Twitter user wrote to Katie in a post asking: “I have some fans at the bar who are curious how tall you are, cuz, ya know the camera adds like an inch or two!”

In response, Katie wrote that she is “5′ 9″ bare foot.”

In heels, Katie George towers

ESPN sportscaster Katie George has been towering over her colleagues at work given that she’s often wearing high heels. This helps out in her interviews, where many of the sports players she talks to are incredibly tall.

In a Twitter post, Katie spoke of interviewing tall players. “I’m about 6’1” in heels. [The players] hunch down because they usually can’t hear my questions with all the arena noise,” Katie wrote.

Other ESPN sportscasters such as Suzy Kolber look minuscule in comparison to the players she interviews, so Katie George’s height might work to her advantage in the role.

Sins of Our Mother | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sins of Our Mother | Official Trailer | Netflix

Katie towers over her ESPN colleagues

Katie George is one of the sideline reporters for ESPN’s college football coverage. Also on the network’s roster of sideline reporters are Rocky Boiman, Paul Carcaterra, Taylor McGregor, Quint Kessenich, Tom Luginbill, Molly McGrath, Todd McShay, Holly Rowe, and Laura Rutledge.

The tallest of these reporters is former linebacker Rocky Boiman who stands at 6ft 4. But when Katie is in heels, she’s not far off this height. Molly McGrath and Holly Rowe are both the shortest, at around 5ft 5.

While Katie George towers over many of her colleagues, including Paul Carcaterra and Quint Kessenich, she is not the tallest female reporter on ESPN’s roster. Taylor McGregor stands slightly taller, at 5ft 10, as she confirmed in a Twitter post.

Katie George is just below the average height of a women’s volleyball player

Many of ESPN’s reporters are former athletes themselves and so it comes as no surprise that their height is greater than average.

For Katie George, who was a three-time all-conference selection in volleyball at the University of Louisville, she is just below average height of a women’s volleyball player.

The NCSA reports in their recruiting guidelines: “The average height of a college volleyball player is around 5’10”. However, there are position- and division-specific averages that volleyball players should take into account when trying to determine their best division level. For example, the average Division 3 setter is 5’7”, but the average Division 1 right side hitter is 6’1”. Review the averages for division levels and positions below.”

Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
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