Though UFC fighter Israel Adesanya retained his middleweight title last night when he beat Paulo Costa, the celebration has been overshadowed by fans’ confusion about Israel Adesanya’s right pec. Gyno (gynecomastia)? Old injury? Fans weighed in after the fight.

Last night, Nigerian-born New Zealand UFC fighter Israel Adesanya thrashed Paulo Costa, but there was something a bit different about him. Fans took to Twitter to announce their confusion about Adesanya’s right pec which appeared sagging and fuller than usual.

So, what is up with Israel Adesanya’s right pec?


Gynecomastia is where most fans have been pointing their fingers. An enlargement or swelling of the breast tissue in males, gynecomastia is reportedly caused by too high male oestrogen levels.

Though there are various natural causes and medicines that can precipitate gynecomastia, including thyroid gland issues, antibiotics, and antidepressants, there’s also a more serious cause, which is causing some suspicion.

The release of oestrogen associated with steroid use can have gynecomastia as an effect, which had a lot of fans suggesting that might be what caused the change to Israel Adesanya’s right pec.

Steroid rumours

Recently, some eagle-eyed fans have pointed out that Adesanya’s right pec has always had somewhat of a similar shape, though not as pronounced.

Others disagree and argue that it actually has never been like this, and even analysed old pictures pointing out the alleged difference.

Injury rumours

Other fans have suggested a potential pec injury and even shared images of similar ones they’ve had.

However, these theories were ultimately debunked by Adesanya himself when in a following press conference he seemed bewildered by the suggestion of a pec injury.

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