Is that LeBron James, Lil Dicky, Colin Kaepernick tweet real or fake?

Joshua Rogers October 15, 2021
Is that LeBron James, Lil Dicky, Colin Kaepernick tweet real or fake?
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An alleged LeBron James, Lil Dicky, Colin Kaepernick tweet recently resurfaced on social media and people want to know if it’s real or fake.

What is the LeBron James, Lil Dicky, Colin Kaepernick tweet?

On October 15, 2021, an infamous tweet involving LeBron James, Lil Dicky, and Colin Kaepernick resurfaced.

Several people made reference to the tweet on social media, generally making jokes about it.

The tweet itself involves a picture of the rapper Lil Dicky, with the quote, ‘Believe in something…. even if it means sacrificing everything.’

The tweet implied LeBron James thought the image depicted former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

It quoted James replying to the image saying: ‘Y’all didn’t listen to this man, but now the whole world is listening.’

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In 2016, Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem at the start of NFL games to protest police brutality and racial inequality in the United States.

He has remained a civil rights activist to this day, but many feel the NFL has blacklisted him. Kaepernick has not been involved in an NFL game in over five years.

The resurfaced LeBron Lil Dicky tweet claimed Kaepernick responded to the NBA star, saying, ‘Thanks Bron. I’m pretty sure that’s lil Dicky, but I hear you bruh.’

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Where did it come from?

The original tweet appears to have originated on social media last year.

The image of the LeBron, Lil Dicky, Kaepernick tweet is dated to 19 June, 2020.

The image also appeared on Imgur a day later, generating hundreds of comments.

It is hard to determine why the tweet has resurfaced now, on October 15, 2021.

However, one theory could be that Colin Kaepernick is in the news again.

He has recently done several interviews ahead of the release of his upcoming Netflix biopic series, Colin in Black and White (see below).

That may have prompted people to recirculate the tweet from 2020.

Colin in Black and White | Official Trailer | Netflix

Colin in Black and White | Official Trailer | Netflix

Is the LeBron, Lil Dicky, Kaepernick tweet real?

Many people who stumbled on the resurfaced LeBron, Lil Dicky, Colin Kaepernick tweet wondered if it was legitimate.

However, it appears as though the image is fake, and was more than likely photoshopped.

Whoever created the original image of the hoax tweet seemingly did so because Lil Dick and Colin Kaepernick share a striking resemblance.

Having said that, LeBron is a very socially aware person, and someone who has supported Kaepernick over the years.

It’s highly unlikely he would have mistakenly identified such a high profile individual.

As someone on Imgur writes: ‘I wish this was real’.

Sadly, it’s not.

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