While all eyes should have been on Duke at their first-ever Final Four game with North Carolina, some viewers found themselves distracted by a sticker reading ‘Guster is for lovers’.

It was a momentous Saturday night (2 April 2022) as Duke took on North Carolina in a game that marked the end of legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski’s career after the Blue Devils were beaten 81-72 by the Tar Heels.

However, one of the evening’s biggest talking points was a sticker on a laptop in the background. We’ve done some investigating into the meaning of ‘Guster is for lovers’ so you don’t have to.

Screenshot: North Carolina vs. Duke – Final Four NCAA tournament extended highlights – March Madness YouTube

‘Guster is for lovers’ distracts during Duke duel

While all eyes should have been on the court, some viewers found themselves distracted by a sticker on one of the commentator’s laptops.

As the camera panned to Coach K court-side, the laptop kept creeping into shot, USA Today reports.

This isn’t the first time the sticker has been spotted by Eagle-eyed basketball fans, however. A Reddit thread commented on the presence of the ‘Guster is for lovers’ sticker at an NCAA championship game in 2017. One Reddit user claimed the laptop – and sticker – belonged to someone on North Carolina’s staff.

In fact, it belongs to CBS Sports reporter Matt Norlander, who held his hands up on Twitter.

“I’m a reasonable man and I’m afraid Coach K’s seat of choice has caused a bit of a distraction on the broadcast. The ‘Guster’ sticker is coming off at this next TV timeout,” Norlander tweeted mid-game.

That didn’t happen, though, as Norlander tweeted an update: “Got a TV monitor blocking it. The sticker stays on.”

Looks like he never got around to taking it off. I mean, have you ever tried getting a sticker off a laptop?

What is the meaning of ‘Guster is for lovers’?

The phrase ‘Guster is for lovers’ belongs to Boston-based indie rock band Guster. They formed in 1991 at Tufts University and remained an underground act for majority of the Nineties.

That Music Mag reported the phrase came from a tour in which “Guster crossed the Virginia state line” but it has been adopted as Guster’s slogan since and used on bumper stickers.

If you saw Matt Norlander’s sticker at the Duke game and were wondering how to get your hands on one, look no further. You can buy the sticker on Guster’s website for $2.

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