Grant Horvat leaving Good Good: 'Own thing' move similar to Micah Morris

Kim Schewitz December 5, 2022
Grant Horvat leaving Good Good: 'Own thing' move similar to Micah Morris

Grant Horvat is leaving Good Good to “do his own thing” just months after Micha Morris left the golfing channel.

There have been whispers and rumors circulating about Grant’s departure from the brand, but now both Good Good and Grant Horvat have publicly commented on the matter.

We explore why Grant is leaving Good Good and the drama around it.

Why is Grant Horvat leaving Good Good?

Grant Horvat revealed some details on why he’s leaving Good Good in a video entitled There’s Two Sides To Every Story, which he posted on his personal YouTube channel. In the video, the 24-year-old explains the decision to leave the brand was the hardest decision he has ever had to make in his life.

He said: “I’m not going to be able to touch on everything today because I’m not allowed to. There is light at the end of all of this and I will be working very hard on my personal channel.”

However, Horvat shared he will be moving back to Florida where he will be able to spend more time with his father “who is older.” The Good Good gang is based in Dallas, Texas, and has been there since the original members moved there in 2020 to launch the venture.

The golf influencer added he was disappointed with the way the narrative had been painted but also expressed gratitude for his time at Good Good. In an ambiguous moment, he also implored viewers to understand the decision was entirely his own and not influenced by outside forces.

How has the Good Good gang reacted?

Prior to Grant’s explanation video, Good Good had posted its own video addressing the situation entitled Goodbye Grant & Micha.

The remaining members described Horvat’s departure as a “huge shock” and “abrupt.”

One member of the group said: “It’s tough to see them go. None of us wanted this to happen, they were like brothers.”

The squad said Grant had left because he wanted to “do his own thing” and “only focus on his own channel.”

Micha Morris’s departure and explanation video was also touched on as the gang reiterated he had left to “focus on his own brand.”

Screenshot from Good Good Youtube channel

Grant Horvat’s life and career

Grant Horvat is originally from Florida, which is where he met the de facto founder of Good Good, Garrett Clark. After the two hit it off, Horvat appeared in some GM golf videos and quickly became part of the group and a fan favorite.

Horvat signed with Mizuno Golf in March 2022 and has built a YouTube account, Grant Horvat Golf, which has more than 270,000 subscribers.

Grant got engaged to his girlfriend Sadee in Santorini, Greece, in August 2022.

Fan reaction to departure and Good Good future

Grant was certainly a favorite for many Good Good subscribers and fans have expressed support for him and his decision. However, there are growing concerns among the golf community about the future of Good Good.

One fan wrote: “What a guy you are Grant, not letting money step in the way of being truly happy. You are going to continue to do amazing things. God bless you and your family.”

Another fan commented: “You are wise beyond your years, Grant. Family is invaluable, and you have chosen to cherish the time you have left with your family. I’m joyful that you are in a position where you can continue to do what you love while spending quality time with your dad.”

Clearly disappointed to see him go, another fan wrote: “Really hope you and Garrett continue to collaborate. You guys may be going separate directions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage each other’s platforms and continue to work together.”

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