How tall is Meredith Scudder? Height gap with husband Scottie Scheffler explored

Shania Wilson April 11, 2022
How tall is Meredith Scudder? Height gap with husband Scottie Scheffler explored
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Scottie Scheffler made major headlines this week in the golfing world after winning the 2022 Masters for his first major and securing his place at the top of the men’s game.

As sports fans continue to celebrate Scheffler’s success, many turned attention towards the golfer’s biggest supporter, his wife Meredith.

Meredith Scudder has been by Scottie’s side since the couple were teens, and recently helped him find “peace” in the lead-up to the Masters.

We break down everything we know about Meredith Scudder, including her age, how tall she is, and how she encourages her husband.

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Who is Meredith Scudder? Age and relationship explored

Meredith Scudder, 25, is the wife of golfer Scottie Scheffler. The couple met as teenagers in high school and started dating in 2014, PlayersGF reports.

When it came to setting off for further education, the two opted to study in Texas but at rival colleges. Scheffler attended the University of Texas while Scudder enrolled at the University of Texas A&M.

Despite this, the couple remained together and frequently visited each other on campus before both graduating in 2018. By 2020, Scottie decided to pop the question and the pair tied the knot.

Since then, Meredith has been Scottie’s biggest supporter, staying by his side for major moments in his career including his Masters win.

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How tall is Meredith? Height gap explored

As Scottie and Meredith celebrated the golfer’s big win, the couple were pictured embracing, with Scheffler picking his wife up off the ground.

If you didn’t know, Scottie is a pretty tall guy, so it makes total sense the couple have a height gap.

According to, Meredith is about 5ft 5in, whereas Scottie stands at around 6ft 3in. That gives them a height gap of about 10in. That’s not even a whole foot!

Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Meredith Scudder shares words of encourgement

Winning the Masters, as you can imagine, isn’t an easy task, and Scottie Scheffler was able to get through it with the help of his wife.

Reportedly, Scottie had some doubts on Sunday morning before his final round, but Meredith helped him compose himself.

“My identity isn’t a golf score,” he tweeted. “Like Meredith told me this morning, ‘If you win this golf tournament, if you lose by ten shots, if you never win another golf tournament again, I’m still going to love you, you’re still going to be the same person.’”

We love the encouragement. What a winning combination!

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