Newschoolers have shared the tragic news that they’ve lost one of their own, Dima “Makro” Makrushin. Dima was one of the leading proponents of Newschool skiing in Russia and inspired many around the world with his ski skills and video edits. Tributes have since poured out online to the late skier.

News of Dima Makrushin’s death breaks

On 11 August 2021, news broke that young skier Dima Makrushin had died earlier that morning. It is unconfirmed as of yet how Dima passed.

Newschool member @twoowtskis posted the following obituary to Instagram. They wrote of Dima: “He represented Russia on the world stage of aggressive roller skating and new school skiing, was the greatest master of his craft. For almost 20 years in the culture of action sports, Dima has released countless video games and edits, his work was highly appreciated by colleagues around the world for his incredible style and attention to the smallest details both in the skating itself and in the presentation.”

“Dima was a famous person, but he never aspired to fame or publicity, this was not his goal. He was a man of fine mental organisation and did not open his soul to strangers. Those who knew Dima personally and had the good fortune to have an intimate conversation with him noted his goodwill, ability to listen and the ability to sincerely empathise with the interlocutor – rare qualities that few people can boast of in our time,” they continued.

How old was Dima Makrushin?

Dima was just 29 years old at the time of his death.

He was born in Russia on 21 November 1991. Dima died at the age of 29, having passed away on 11 August 2021.

Dima had been making skate and ski edits on Vimeo since summer 2008. He would’ve been around 16 years old when he started putting out video content.

Tributes to Dima pour out on social media

As previously mentioned, skiing publication Newschoolers released an obituary to Dima Makrushin on the day of his death. The Newschoolers tribute concluded: “You can write endlessly, there will still not be enough words. The death of Dima is an irreparable loss for his family, for close friends from his beloved and always praised Medvedkovo district, for the entire action sports community and for the world as a whole. Sincere condolences to everyone who is fortunate enough to be familiar with this brightest man. Eternal memory to you, Macro.”

Comments on the obituary show what an inspiration Dima was to skaters and skiers around the world. One commented: “Dima was a pioneer in the Russian ski scene.” Another concurred: “Definitely a pioneer for Russian freeskiing.”

RIP Dima Makrushin.

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