What to know about Desmond Ridder's father, as QB talks being a girl dad

Joshua Rogers October 3, 2021
What to know about Desmond Ridder's father, as QB talks being a girl dad
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This October, Bearcats QB Desmond Ridder has shared what it means to him to be a girl dad. This has sparked interest in the player’s own father, who has been somewhat of a mystery as Desmond steps into the spotlight. Here’s what we know about Desmond’s biological father.

Background on Desmond Ridder’s father

Desmond Ridder was born on 31 August 1999 to Sarah Ridder and a man whose identity has not yet been disclosed. It has been reported that Desmond has no connection to his biological father.

One report states that “his biological father was not in the picture,” from the pregnancy and birth onwards.

Sarah was just 15 years old when she gave birth to Desmond, meaning his father could potentially have been in his teens at the time of Desmond’s birth. This would make Sarah Ridder approximately 37 years old, as of 2021.

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Does Desmond Ridder have a stepfather?

Yes. Although Desmond has no connection to his biological father, he does have a stepfather who is present in his life.

It has been reported that Desmond’s stepfather came into his life when he was around 5 years old. He has been an important figure in helping shape Desmond’s football career. Sports Illustrated describes how agents come to Sarah Ridder and her partner to discuss Desmond’s future in the sport.

More about Sarah Ridder

Sarah Ridder is best known as the mother of Desmond Ridder. She is from Louisville, Kentucky, where Desmond was born and raised.

It is unknown what Sarah does for a living but she is clearly a committed sports parent. Even her Instagram handle is @sportz_momma2.

While Sarah doesn’t use Instagram often, she does make use of Twitter. Sarah can be found talking about all things Bearcats on Twitter, promoting her son’s work and the whole Bearcats team.

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