WWE fans wonder if Becky Lynch's real hair was cut off by Bianca Belair

Joshua Rogers March 29, 2022
WWE fans wonder if Becky Lynch's real hair was cut off by Bianca Belair
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After an incident on WWE Monday Night Raw, fans were left questioning whether Becky Lynch’s real hair was cut off by Bianca Belair or had it been a case of smoke and mirrors?

Bianca Belair appeared to cut off some of Becky Lynch’s hair on last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw, just days before their Raw Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania 38.

The long-time rivals have already kicked things up a notch ahead of the title on Saturday night in Dallas, and fans want to know whether it was Becky Lynch’s real hair that was cut off.

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Bianca Belair cuts off Becky Lynch’s hair

The incident began when Bianca Belair came out and cut a promo about her rivalry with Lynch and how she was going to get her revenge.

Lynch’s entrance music, The Man, then hit but instead of coming down the ramp she appeared from beneath the ring. Lynch then attacked Belair and pulled out a pair of scissors, proceeding to cut off Bianca’s braid.

However, Belair managed to turn the tables and hit two KODs on Lynch before grabbing the scissors. Belair then cut off some of Becky Lynch’s hair, leaving a distraught-looking champion seething in the ring.

Tale a look at some of the beef below:

Was that Becky Lynch’s real hair she cut off?

WWE fans were understandably shocked by the stunt and wondered whether it was Becky Lynch’s real hair or not. Twitter was particularly divided on the subject.

It appears as though it was either Becky Lynch’s real hair or her real hair with extensions, and the extension bits were cut off.

Extensions would be the most likely but it will be interesting to see what her hair is like at WrestleMania this weekend.

Here’s what fans were saying:

Naomi offers Becky a wig afterwards

It was certainly an entertaining way to promote their Wrestlemania fight this weekend. Last night’s segment ended with Lynch on her knees claiming she would end Belair’s career at WrestleMania.

Later on RAW, Lynch referred to Belair as “a b****” in a backstage segment interview.

Shortly after everything went down, former SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi took to Twitter to offer one of her wigs to Lynch.

“Tonight was wild,” Belair admitted later to Sarah Schreiber. “I thought I’d seen all of Becky’s tricks, but never in a million years did I think she’d show up with a pair of scissors to try to cut my braid.

“I’ve told her so many times already, don’t you dare touch my braid. And she dared anyway, and this is what happens (holds up Becky’s hair).”

Belair concluded: “If Becky hasn’t learned yet, there’s nothing she can do to stop me from taking her title at WrestleMania.”

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