Why is Terence Crawford leaving Top Rank Boxing per post fight interview?

Bruno Cooke November 21, 2021
Why is Terence Crawford leaving Top Rank Boxing per post fight interview?
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After his fight against Shawn Porter, WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford announced that he is leaving Top Rank Boxing, the promotional company he has been with since 2011. What happened during the fight, and why is Terence Crawford leaving Top Rank?

What happened during Terence Crawford’s fight against Shawn Porter?

Crawford kept hold of his WBO title last night after surviving what CBS Sports described as a “ferocious effort” from former welterweight champ Shawn Porter.

He scored a second knockdown in the 10th round. Moments later, Porter’s father and trainer, Kenny, called a halt to the fight.

“I know I caught him with a good uppercut,” Crawford said after the fight had concluded. 

Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

“When I caught him with another left hook, I saw it in his face that he was real hurt. His dad did the right thing by stopping it. I was coming with a vengeance.”

What did Terence Crawford say in his post fight interview about leaving Top Rank?

“My decision is made already.”

That’s what Crawford said in response to a question that referred to him as “becoming a free agent”.

“Bob [Arum] couldn’t secure me the [Errol] Spence [Jr] fight when I was with him. So how are you going to secure me the Spence fight when I’m not with him?”

“I’m moving forward with my career right now and I wish everybody the best.”

Terence Crawford’s reason for leaving Top Rank appears to be closely tied to his ambition to fight Errol Spence Jr – a fight which many of his supporters also hope to see.

Watch the snippet below.

How have fans and pundits reacted to Crawford decision?

Writing for Yahoo! Sports, combat columnist Kevin Iole is sceptical of Crawford’s apparent optimism. 

“Crawford won’t say two words if one will do,” he writes, referring to the 34-year-old boxer’s taciturnity. “And so while he’ll be adored by the hardcore fans, he may find that the grass is not greener if he expects to sell loads of pay-per-views.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those commenting on the YouTube video (above) of Crawford discussing leaving Top Rank are supportive of his decision. 

“Congratulations to Bud and I am happy that he’s leaving Top Rank”, writes one. Another describes Bob Arum’s face as “priceless”. However, one reckons that, in Bob’s mind, Crawford’s departure is inconsequential since “another one will come by”.

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