Fans claim Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley was 'fake' because of hand signal

Bruno Cooke December 19, 2021
Fans claim Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley was 'fake' because of hand signal
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A supposed hand signal made by Jake Paul shortly before his win against Tyron Woodley yesterday has led some to call the fight “fake”. While many are calling Jake Paul’s hand the “right hand from hell”, or similar, some have speculated that a “twist of the hand” is evidence that the fight was “rigged” or “fake”.

Fans think the Jake Paul KO win over Tyron Woodley was ‘fake’

Sceptics have claimed that Jake Paul’s knockout win over Tyron Woodley was fake.

Footage of Paul’s “sensational victory”, described by SportBible as “damning”, has circulated on social media since the conclusion of the fight. 

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Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Fans claim that Jake Paul used a hand signal – a gesture involving a quick twist of the wrist – to indicate to his opponent Tyron Woodley that it was “time to flop”.

Such claims have since made headlines. Some include references to Jake Paul’s apparent “hand signal”; others call it a “‘hand twist’ gesture”.

Did Jake Paul make a secret hand twist signal to Tyron Woodley?

To say that Tyron Woodley’s defeat was signalled by a secret hand gesture from Jake Paul is a serious claim. 

Match fixing at a professional level is illegal in every sport. Nevertheless, the question of whether or not professional boxing matches are rigged is a perennial one. 

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New World | Winter Convergence Festival Trailer

New World | Winter Convergence Festival Trailer

Boxing has had its fair share of scandal. And, while the number of people suggesting that Jake Paul’s knockout of Tyron Woodley was in some way “fake” is not insubstantial, a great majority have heaped praise upon Paul for his “absolutely gorgeous” shot.

By tricking his opponent with a “fake body shot”, as it’s been called, Paul got Woodley to drop his hands, leaving his face undefended.

The majority agree that the fight was legitimate

Majority opinion among boxing fans appears to be that Jake Paul’s “fake body shot” against Tyron Woodley yesterday was evidence of a superior boxer, rather than a rigged match.

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Tyron Woodley has been a professional mixed marital artist since 2009, but only recently made his debut as a boxer. He is 39 years old.

Jake Paul, meanwhile, is 24 years old. He made his professional boxing debut two years ago, on January 30, 2020, against YouTuber AnEsonGib (Gib for short) in Miami. Paul won the match after two minutes, and was the bookies’ favourite against Woodley.

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