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Celtic title-winner Mark Wilson hits out at Rangers’ ‘petty threats’

David Walton April 17, 2020
Celtic title-winner Mark Wilson hits out at Rangers’ ‘petty threats’
Photo by Mike Hewitt/Bongarts/Getty Images

Former Celtic defender Mark Wilson has hit out at Rangers and said the club will get nowhere issuing “petty threats”.

The recent saga surrounding the SPFL’s vote to end the Scottish football season early has descended into chaos. It resulted in a ‘yes’ decision, with Rangers claiming they have evidence that “raises serious concerns” over the SPFL’s handling of the ballot.

As recently as Thursday (16 April), the Ibrox club reiterated its stance that SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster and legal adviser Rod McKenzie should be suspended. The club also wants an independent investigation into the handling of the vote, which resulted in 81% of clubs passing the resolution.

However, with Rangers yet to release their apparent evidence, former Celtic defender Wilson clearly isn’t impressed. Speaking to the Scottish Sun, the Brechin boss said: “I don’t think Rangers alone calling for this should automatically make it happen.

“The voting system has been flawed and, if the majority of the clubs feel aggrieved and upset about how it has played out, I’m sure it will happen. Have another vote on it!

“If you’ve got the evidence and it’s damning, why on earth would you hold on to it? Just release it and get on with it. I’m sure things would move a lot quicker without the petty threats.

“With the ongoing situation surrounding our game at the minute and the amount of unanswered questions piling up about our upcoming season, it would be foolish to add more uncertainty.”

Photo by Jeff Holmes/Getty Images

Evidence before demands

One thing is clear – Rangers aren’t taking this lying down. The club continues to fight its own case and clearly feels it has evidence.

However, it’s difficult to understand why this evidence hasn’t been released yet. If Rangers can blow the lid off this vote, surely the time to act is now. After all, now the vote has been passed the Ibrox club will surely want to stop it in any way it can.

The Dundee situation doesn’t help either. The Dens Park outfit initially voted ‘no’, only for their vote to fail to reach the SPFL. They then retracted and voted ‘yes’. Incredibly, the result of the vote rested on their decision.

So perhaps there are questions to be answered on how the SPFL has managed this. Dundee’s missing vote raises questions but Rangers must release whatever evidence they have if they’re to be taken seriously. The longer this goes on, the longer it looks as though Rangers’ motivation is to prevent Celtic from winning nine titles in a row.

It’s hard to agree with Wilson’s accusations of “petty” threats, however. Outside the Ibrox board, nobody knows the full extent of the evidence it claims to have. If it’s substantial, the threats and claims of the Glasgow giant may have some merit.

It’s starting to become tiresome, though, and with the Premiership looking as though it will be called off, Rangers need to make their move soon. The longer they wait, the more doubtful the evidence appears.

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