Bryson DeChambeau before and after: His lock-down workout routine revealed

Matthew Chivers November 11, 2020
Bryson DeChambeau before and after: His lock-down workout routine revealed
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See Bryson DeChambeau before and after his lock-down workout routine paid off big time. The pro golfer’s intense training regimen in 2020 has seen a dramatic improvement in his performances on the PGA Tour.

In October 2019, DeChambeau revealed he intended to bulk up and become a “different person”, as reported by the PGA Tour.

Since increasing his body weight from 195 pounds to 225 pounds, the 27-year-old won the US Open at Winged Foot in September.

DeChambeau’s workout routine revealed

In an interview with Brandon Tankovich for Dick’s Pro Tips, DeChambeau spoke about the changes to his workout routine.

He said: “The greatest benefit I have found from working out and getting bigger is stability.

“I feel more stable over the golf ball. I don’t feel anything is going to push me over like it used to.”

Here, DeChambeau’s bulk-up diet is revealed:

Bryson DeChambeau before and after

DeChambeau continued: “You look at me five months ago. I looked like a twig. But now I have some meat and bones on me. That’s what allowed me to feel like I can be stable over the golf ball.

“I use a lot of isolated machines and do a lot of bodyweight stuff. Most people would go for the bench press or squats.

“I get very scared when I see those types of motions because you’re using a lot of muscles and if one muscle doesn’t work, you can hurt yourself.”

Currently world number six, DeChambeau’s new-found driving length will give him an advantage around an Augusta National course that will be softer in the autumn.

According to BBC Sport, there are rumours the 27-year-old may aim over the trees to the left of the 13th hole to find the fairway on the 14th for a better angle approaching the green.

Dechambeau has played at the Masters three times, with his best performance in 2016 when he finished 21st as an amateur.

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