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Barstool Nate addresses Frank the Tank battle and ‘impossible situation’

Bruno Cooke June 18, 2021
barstool nate


Regular Barstool Sports competitors Nate (Eric Nathan) and Frank the Tank (Frank Fleming) found themselves at loggerheads during a Stool Streams Stadium match yesterday. What has Barstool Nate had to say about it?

Barstool Nate and Frank the Tank go head to head

During a series of games played between Eric Nathan and Frank Fleming yesterday, available to watch now on YouTube, things got a little heated.

The so-called “Fleming Curse”, which has plagued Frank of late, appeared to lift after he “dominated” the first game.

However, things didn’t go his way for long. Following a four-point swing in Nate’s favour, Tank’s “wheels fell off”. 

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Source: YouTube [Stool Streams]

And it all went downhill from there, prompting calls for a time out. A stray comment about Frank acting like a child caused Frank to “pop off”, in the words of Stool Streams commissioner Handsome Hank.

Barstool Nate addresses the ‘impossible situation’

Nate has posted several tweets addressing the atmosphere in the room towards the end of the stream.

He wrote that he was “about as uncomfortable as I’ve ever been”, and called it an “impossible situation”.

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However, commissioner Handsome Hank wrote in a Barstool Sports blogpost that he “loved it”.

“2 competitors in the heat of battle talking s**t and going at each others’ necks in pursuit a victory, that’s why we built the room in the first place.”

Before the competition, Hank tweeted that he loves how much Frank hates Nate.

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Has Frank addressed the battle?

While Nate has tweeted a lot about last night’s Barstool match, Frank Fleming has not tweeted directly about it.

However, he has retweeted posts from other accounts, including the following, which indicates that he is still in the game.

He also retweeted a post from a user who wrote that they were “still shaking” from the stream.

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