Barstool’s Kate Mannion is pregnant! The happy announcement went out yesterday and fans of the sports website will be thrilled to hear the good news about their favourite commentator. Here’s everything you need to know to be in the loop.

Who is Kate from Barstool?

Kate is a sports commentator on the Barstool Sports website. She also hosts Barstool’s aptly named Zero Blog Thirty podcast – a military podcast hosted by the website. Before joining the team at Barstool, Kate was in the US Marines.

The podcast’s Instagram profile often posts ‘on this day’ articles relating to American military history.

As well as this, Kate is one half of The Chaps & Kate Show, hosted on Barstool’s SiriusXM channel, channel 85. Episodes are also shared on the Barstool website.

The Barstool Sports website focuses on sports and pop culture and covers the latest news and viral highlights every day through its blogs, videos, and podcasts.

How did Kate announce her pregnancy?

In typical Kate fashion, the Barstool commentator announced she’s pregnant through a blog post on the website.

Similarly matching up to her spontaneous personality, the blog has quite a chaotic headline.

Despite the crude headline, the post itself is hilarious. It shows the full range of human emotion in finding out you’re going to have a child. Excitement, fear, conversations about weight gain and growth in boob size.

Included in the post is a photo of Kate’s baby scan. Of course, it’s edited to show, as she puts it: “This small, delightful character currently hanging out, rent-free, somewhere below my navel.”

The edits highlight the “laid-back, chillin’ nature” of the baby.

Many of the replies from fans on Twitter stuck to the tongue-in-cheek style of the Barstool blog post:

As well as alluding to jokes featuring on Kate’s Twitter:

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