Presenter Ashley Brewer co-hosted her first official SportsCenter on Wednesday 18 August. The host has been a regular on ESPN since 2020 but this was her first time as a full-time member of the show. Fans will be seeing a lot more of the 29-year-old on their screens, and wanted to know more on Ashley Brewer’s dating history.

Ashley Brewer’s career so far

29-year-old Ashley Brewer was a college football reporter after graduating from USC.

In college she was a keen swimmer, competing in the US Olympic trials in 2012 in the 100m backstroke.

NFL Kickoff | Hype Trailer

NFL Kickoff | Hype Trailer

However, her true passion lay with sports reporting, and eventually she made her way to various regional broadcasting jobs.

She was hired by ESPN in 2020 and has worked across the network’s various radio shows.

You may also recognise her from the broadcasting team on The Bachelor Winter Games.

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Anchor makes her debut as a co-host on SportsCenter

Presenter Ashley Brewer co-hosted her first official SportsCenter on Wednesday 18 August.

Brewer started the show off with quick segments on the Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees game, the New England Patriots quarterback issues and the NBA Summer League.

She then struggled to contain her excitement at being on the show, saying, “The Summer League celebrated a championship.

“We’re celebrating tonight because I’m hosting SportsCenter LA with you — that’s Stan Verrett, I’m Ashley Brewer. What’s up?”.

Earlier in the day she had posted a tweet saying how excited she was.

Brewer has been on SportsCenter numerous time before, but this was her first time as a full-time member.

The show is filmed in LA with hosts Neil Everett and Linda Cohn.

Ashley Brewer’s dating history explored

People naturally wanted to know about her personal life after watching the show, and in particular Ashley Brewer’s dating history.

Brewer is currently single, but has been linked to ice hockey defenceman named Hampus Lindholm in the past.

In 2019 she posted a photo date of the two together at Hotel Santa Caterina, Amalfi, with the caption, ‘Best summer yet’ with a heart emoji.

Lindholm was seen complementing Ashley on her 28th birthday but since then all has been quiet on the dating front between the pair.

In 2018 she did make reference to an ex-boyfriend on Twitter, but she has pretty much kept that under wraps.

It seems she’s mostly been focusing on her TV career.

The new SportsCenter host on Instagram

The news personality is certainly very active on social media.

Her Instagram account @ashbrew has over 84k followers.

Brewer often posts behind-the-scenes photos of her on set or just generally loving life.

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