Are monitor lizards dangerous? Video shows lizard in Thailand grocery store

Jane Corscadden April 8, 2021

Are monitor lizards dangerous? Footage emerged on Tuesday showing a monitor lizard loose in a grocery store in Thailand. This has led to many people researching the lizards and wondering if they pose a threat to humans.

Monitor lizard in a Thailand grocery store

If you thought you’d seen everything: check this out…

On Tuesday, a 6-foot-long monitor lizard emerged from a canal in the city of Nakhom Pathom in Thailand.

The remarkable footage shows the lizard running into a 7-Eleven store. It then climbed onto the grocery store’s shelves and threw several items onto the ground.

A shocked shop assistant called the police who arrived with reptile handlers to bring the huge lizard under control.

But what do we really know about monitor lizards? Are they dangerous?

Is it a monitor lizard or Komodo Dragon?

One question that’s been puzzling social media users is whether the lizard in the store is a monitor lizard or Komodo Dragon.

The answer: it’s both.

Komodo Dragons are simply a type of monitor lizard.

But are Komodo Dragons dangerous? Well, they can be. There have been reports of attacks on humans in recent years, with most injuries resulting from their toxic saliva.

Are monitor lizards dangerous?

Whether monitor lizards are dangerous or not really depends. Bear with us here…

Although the lizards are carnivorous – meaning they feed on other animals – they’re naturally shy.

So, they’d rather stay away from humans. This means they’re not normally dangerous.

Like most wild animals, they don’t attack unless provoked. If you encounter a monitor lizard, your best bet is to keep your distance and leave them alone.

They feed on a huge variety of foods including insects, crabs, snakes, and fish. Fortunately, humans are not on the list!

Monitor lizards can intimidate by making a hissing noise and may lash out with their tail for self-protection.

It’s unclear whether they’re venomous. Most scientists say the biggest danger from a monitor lizard bite is the transmission of bacteria from the lizard’s mouth.

So, although they’re frightening to look at, monitor lizards aren’t immediately dangerous to humans. Leave them alone and they’ll leave you alone!