Suzi Perry's leg injury explained: Did she break her leg in a motorbike accident?

Eve Edwards June 6, 2021
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MotoGP viewers were concerned for Suzi Perry’s health, as the broadcaster appeared with a leg injury while reporting on the Catalan Grand Prix.

Suzi Perry is a television presenter, best known for her work presenting MotoGP and Formula One. She has worked with the likes of BBC and Sky Sports, although Suzi has now found her home with BT Sport.

Let’s take a look at what has happened to Suzi’s leg this June 2021.

Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Suzi Perry heads to work with leg injury

As the 2021 MotoGP Catalunya Grand Prix kicks off on the weekend of Saturday, 5 June, Suzi Perry was in Spain to report on the event. But Suzi has been in Spain while injured, as viewers noted that the broadcaster had a cast on her left leg.

On 5 June 2021, Suzi tweeted about her injury sharing that she has a “broken fib”. This is the fibula, the calf bone on the outer leg.

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What happened to Suzi? How did she break her leg?

It was initially thought that Suzi Perry broke her leg in a motorbiking accident. Responding to a friend on Twitter, Suzi wrote: “It’s very annoying. Bloody motorbikes”

However, Suzi did confuse BT Sport viewers as she set the record straight on her leg injury. Suzi said on 5 June: “This is a proper bike accident not a cycle […] You can have that story or you can have, if you know you know, I was just opening a window […] I was off-road, let’s put it like that. It was an unfortunate injury.”

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It now would seem that Suzi Perry was joking about breaking her leg in a motorbiking accident.

Suzi posted about the injury to Instagram on 5 June 2021. She wrote: “You can choose…
Opening a window (if you know, you know!)
Double back flip, under rotation 😉
Off roading, torrential rain, quagmire, crash…”

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