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Why you shouldn’t stress about doing too much during lock-down

Sam Walker May 14, 2020

During lock-down we’ve all seen multiple articles listing things to do with your spare time. So many, it can lead to stress trying to fit it all in!

Make your own cocktail, watch all Tom Hanks’ films to celebrate the fact he overcame coronavirus, separate your herbs and spices so mixed herbs are no longer mixed.

I’m joking about the last suggestion but lists of what to do during lock-down are a sign of the times. We feel the need to keep constantly busy – not because we want to but because we feel everyone else is.

Constant bombardment

With the constant bombardment of information in this digital age, it’s important to take a step back occasionally. To think about how YOU want to spend your time, not what people are telling you to do.

In my opinion the backlash against Boris Johnson’s change of coronavirus slogan on Sunday was deserved. However, the extent of that backlash indicates a shift in general cultural consensus that we are molly-coddled these days.

I recently read The Descent Of Man by Grayson Perry. In it he discusses the need for a major overhaul of the perceptions of masculinity. He suggests adolescent boys should undergo a coming-of-age process such as national service or a year working in the community. Basically, something that will teach them responsibility and help them to mature.

Human progression

While it’s natural to strive to improve, at times we go too far past the line, which can lead to stress. We’re given too much choice – food menus with scores of dishes, multiple entertainment options on Amazon Prime and Netflix or being told 100 things to do during lock-down.

For me, it’s important we try to live consciously, take a step back occasionally, and decide what we actually want. The simple idea of going for a walk and spending time with our thoughts is underrated and underused.

So while many may laud the benefits of spending a fortune on the latest yoga craze, a good’ walk can have the same benefits. It’s time to start thinking for ourselves a lot more and to lessen the stress.

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