With the lock-down in place for such a long time, we’re slowly running out of Netflix shows we can binge. And how many healthy days can you spend indoors before you go crazy and text your ex? But there are a few reasons why it’s ok to contact an old flame.

It’s about self-reflection

If there’s one thing the lock-down has proved good for, it’s self-reflection. As so many hours go by in confined spaces, you can take some time to think about yourself. Things you’re grateful for, things you could improve and people you’ve wronged.

If you dumped someone and you’re feeling guilty about the way things ended, texting an old friend isn’t a bad idea at all! A heartfelt apology is a step towards becoming a better person and, who knows, you might really brighten someone’s day.

It’s about seeing their true colours

If you’re the dumpee and haven’t actually moved on from that fling you had ages ago, texting them might be therapeutic. Now some time has passed and you’ve distanced yourself from the break-up, you can try to text your ex and find out if they’re as insensitive about you as they were when they let you go.

And if they leave you on read, that’s okay too! It merely reinforces the fact they never truly cared, right? And why would you wish for such a person to be part of your life? Take it with a pinch of salt and finally move on from people you’ve been having doubts about.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

It’s about new beginnings

We all know how lonely these times can be. Perhaps you’ve lost people close to you, maybe you’re living abroad alone and are struggling to cope or perhaps you simply want more human interaction? You might not even want your old flame back in your life in a romantic way.

There’s no shame in trying to reconnect with someone you once considered a good friend and, if you’re both open to giving a platonic relationship a try, why not? If you’re feeling alienated, do reach out, especially if you’ve left it on good terms! You might rekindle a different kind of flame and start a rewarding friendship.

No matter what, it’s ok! If you feel like texting an ex, there must surely be reasons behind it. Explore them and if you feel this might prove beneficial, do it. You’ll learn valuable lessons regardless of the outcome. If not now, then when?

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