TikTok users are looking for a ‘hidden message’ in the Ty Monstaz voice box.

The toys, which were first released in 2011, have long been subject of speculation and examination. Videos attempting to decode what the Ty Monstaz say date all the way back to 2013.

Now, more internet users are attempting to find out the message each Ty Monstaz toy says.

Ty Monstaz: Hidden message?

In a now viral TikTok video, people are trying to decode what the Ty Monstaz are saying. They are looking for hidden messages in what initially sounds like monster-style gibberish.

People have slowed down the audio and can hear the phrase “Turn off the TV and watch the baby.” Although, others have noted they can hear “Punch the baby,” “He’s going to eat me,” and “He’s hurting me.”

Ty, the company behind Ty Monstaz, have never officially stated that the toys are saying anything.

It is likely that it is just an auditory illusion, as we saw with the Yanny vs. Laurel debate, and our brains are just searching for a hidden message in the gibberish. It is, however, widely accepted that “Turn off the TV” is heard in the Ty Monstaz phrase.

Why were Ty Monstaz banned?

There were many consumer complaints about the voice box in each Ty Monstaz toy. Not only did people not understand what the toys were saying, but there was widespread conspiracies that the Ty Monstaz had hidden messages.

At the end of June 2014, most of the Ty Monstaz were taken “off order” for authorised Ty retailers. This signalled that the toys were about to be pulled, as they were also being sold for near-wholesale price.

In the later models of the Monstaz, renamed Frizzys, the voice box was removed. They were introduced in July 2014 and are similar in appearance to Ty Monstaz.

Although it is unconfirmed that the message of the original Ty Monstaz was the key to their downfall, it certainly played a part.

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