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Treesha meaning: New York slang term dominates the internet

Eve Edwards June 20, 2021
Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

New Yorkers are taking to social media to discuss how their slang is being co-opted by others around the United States and abroad.

The most recent slang term to be adopted by non-New Yorkers is “treesha”. The word has been used in multiple song titles and referenced in song lyrics. Most recently, Bennie Bates released a song entitled Treesha.

The term has also become well known thanks to its usage on TikTok.

But what is the meaning of the new slang term? Let’s take a look at what those from the Big Apple have to say about it.

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What is the meaning of ‘treesha’ in New York?

“Treesha” is a derogatory word used in reference to a woman who engages in sexual relationships with multiple partners.

The term “treesha” came from “treesh”, its original spelling. It is thought the spelling changed to “treesha” after the release of Bennie Bates’ song.

It is specific slang from New York, but is quickly becoming popular in the States and beyond.

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New Yorkers react to their slang being adopted by others

For New York natives, the adoption of the word “treesha” by others hasn’t gone down well. In fact, one Twitter user stated they’ll “smack” anyone who says the slang term who is not from New York themselves.

One person tweeted: “2020 was the worst year for our words ong, sus, swag, bussin, everything is bein thieved (sic).”

To this, another replied: “They tryna take treesha from NY now.”

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Although there appears to be new slang in New York every other month, New Yorkers are getting particularly riled over the adoption of “treesha” into the wider public’s vocabulary.

Another joked, “ayo, who be coming up with new york lingo? i swear issa new word every other month,” when talking about the “treesha” slang.

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