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This moment in time poses economic questions

Luis Santos April 7, 2020

Has there ever been a better moment in recent history to review society as a whole? As a species we are, by nature, social – fulfilling our needs and desires in co-operation with others. Now most of us sit on our thoughts and worries so many questions rise about the future.

But at a time when the call for sustainable development has never been as loud, sitting on our thoughts right now may grant us something we haven’t had in quite some time.

The time to ask ourselves, what now?

Because now is paramount – mankind’s turning point, as many have voiced openly – and if no action is taken at this crucial point, going back to ‘normality’ will mean more of the same old business practice.

Statistically, it has taken us time and again into saturation point.

Rethinking the economic model

Serious mature business man working on a project using computer

Present evidence indicates modern humans are about 100,000 years old. To most anthropologists, 10,000 years ago also marks the beginning of historic time. Fraught with wars and conquests, genocide and slavery, as a species we tried everything we could to survive.

“But throughout the 10,000 years of recorded history we have been, and remain, genetically what we were at the outset,” professor of economics Robin Hahnel writes in The ABCs Of Political Economy – A Modern Approach.

Man is subject to the same laws as nature. Power and freedom are identical as the word abundance pops into my mind. Are we doomed to the economics of competition and greed we may ask?


Is this the moment we should, as a whole, take that much-needed step back? What better signs of regeneration could the planet have sent us in such a short period of time – now that we sit on our worries?

Is it asking too much to respect the seasons? Would we prefer to have less but better fruit and vegetables, for example? And how sustainable can it be to endure this inflating profit-machine when the planet and its people pay the price?

Is it not time for that real economic model of equitable co-operation so many have embraced already?

So many questions.

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Luis has been collaborating as a content writer since 2017 with main focus on Politics and Economy, and is a self published fiction writer. A Sporting Lisbon fan, Old Trafford has played an important place in his heart over the years, as he believes a Man United line-up starring Giggs and Figo is still possible.