A clever poem has provided a stark reminder of how much our country, and therefore our lives, are enriched by immigration as we work together to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The poem, entitled You Clap For Me Now, features key workers who are UK residents, immigrants and those with immigrant heritage.

The author, Darren Smith, cleverly takes language that is all too often used to describe immigrants and uses it to describe the virus.

You Clap For Me Now reminds the reader we depend on people of all races in our everyday lives. All too often the anti-immigrant rhetoric is heard with great volume but we are a nation propped up by immigration – from doctors and nurses to cleaners, delivery drivers and shop workers.

When we come through this difficult time, we must not forget that.

There will be many groups and individuals up and down the country who should pause for thought and reflect we’re relying on people labelled ‘foreign invaders’ to keep our country and lives safe.

A moving video, created by Sachin Imbuldeniya to accompany the poem, has gone viral thanks to it’s incredibly powerful message.