No-one could have predicted Eid taking place during a pandemic. It means you may have to be a little more creative when buying gifts for children this year.

Here are ten gifts that may be appreciated during our life in lock-down.

Creative face masks

Are you struggling to get your child to wear a face mask? Perhaps it’s because they don’t look particularly appealing. How about getting your child to add a design or some colour to a washable mask? Let’s add some fun to that boring cloth!

Cookery books

With baking a major trend at the moment, there are countless cookery books out there for all ages. Make sure you pick out some healthy ones to boost that immunity.

Exercise kit

No school, no PE classes and no access to a gym! To keep your children active, how about a punchbag, trampoline or any other exercise kit your child might be interested in?

Camping gear

You can’t go off camping during covid-19 but who says you can’t build a camp in the garden? In fact, who says you can’t build a camp indoors?


Movie projector

Who knows when the cinemas will reopen? A great family-friendly option is a projector so you can watch movies together.

Inflatable pool

An inflatable swimming pool makes a great gift if you’ve got a garden. They are the perfect addition during a warm summer and come in loads of different sizes. Just make sure to help them with sunscreen.


Lucky enough to have a garden? Some children might enjoy growing and nurturing plants and flowers if they had the right kit. It’s a good form of exercise, too.

Cookery books can encourage a new hobby. Image by LaterJay Photography from Pixabay

Board games

There are so many board games to choose from, and many help enhance your child’s memory and IQ. There are games to suit any age. How about getting them to try chess for the first time?

Musical instruments

Musical instruments are great indoor gifts and can be therapeutic too. You can encourage your children to play along to some Eid songs as well.

Playground Equipment

Many playgrounds are closed but, if you have the money, why can’t you buy them equipment for Eid? Not all playground equipment is expensive or requires a huge space.

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