No sex please, we're skittish

Amanda Nicholls June 2, 2020
No sex please, we're skittish

We never know what’s coming next from BJ’s bloviating bunch. Tinder trips and romantic trysts with anyone from another household are now illegal – and it’s sent the internet into meltdown

Presumably, if you’ve been following the rules set out for us since the UK went into lock-down in March, you’ve already refrained from making clandestine visits to other households for some time – it stands to reason, right?

So why has a specific ban on sex between people who don’t live in the same house come into play now (as of 1 June), when lock-down restrictions are being eased?

The cynical among us could see it as a distraction tactic – a master news-burying move, causing social media platforms to flood with memes expressing mirth and outrage in equal measure.

Case in point: we’ve spent a disproportionate amount of time, that we probably should have used on scrutinising more pressing stories, raking through them all so you don’t have to… 😉
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