Neil Robertson hair: snooker player’s haircut popular with (some) fans

Bruno Cooke March 24, 2021
Neil Robertson hair: snooker player’s haircut popular with (some) fans
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Australian snooker player Neil Robertson’s hair has bamboozled some fans over the years, with feedback ranging from comparisons to Draco Malfoy, to praise for embracing his Aussie “surfer boy roots”. How much has Neil Robertson’s hair changed, and why do some fans think he’s been wearing a wig?

Neil Robertson’s hair circa 2013

In November 2013, Robertson (current rank: 4) put a call out to his Instagram followers for suggestions on what to wear during the 888 Casino Champion of Champions tournament.

He had, at the time, a shock of straight blond hair – possibly waxed, as befitted the era.

His barnet was already drawing comments for its brightness. One Instagram user commented, “Use your special move (thunder)”.

Robertson’s hair in 2014

Fast forward a year to the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Masters, and Robertson was sporting a considerably shorter, but comparatively similar, hairdo.

“So handsome”, replied one fan.

Father’s Day 2015

Six months later, Robertson’s coiffure had bounced back to full aplomb, as he celebrated Father’s Day in June.

Robertson vs O’Sullivan, October 2016

During a European Masters semi-final game against English player Ronnie O’Sullivan, Robertson’s hair shone. 

His game, however, did not. He lost the match six frames to nil.

But that didn’t stop him from going full Dragon Ball Z two months later, with a “Super Saiyan 100,000” selfie for Instagram.

Incidentally, that particular coiffure prompted one Instagram follower to comment, “Someone needs to make an anime about snooker”.

Has Neil Robertson’s hair changed at all since then?

Besides some unavoidable fluctuations in terms of length and brightness, Robertson’s hairstyle has remained fairly constant. 

Sometimes it was swept over all to one side; other times it got shorter. But basically it was nothing to write home about.

That is, until lockdown happened.

Lockdown hairstyle – or is it a wig?

Among other things, lockdown resulted in the closure (for the most part) of barbershops and salons. Consequently, many had to maintain their own heads of hair.

Neil Robertson, it seems, was not spared this fate.

On 6 June, 2020, Robertson posted his own “lockdown haircut” to Twitter, continuing a tradition of self-deprecating selfies. While some assumed Neil Robertson was wearing a wig, he later proved them wrong.

One user commented with a gif of Dr Emmett Brown, while another suggested that Robertson resembled “Katie Hopkins after a heavy night”.

The look is here to stay

Robertson has kept his curls going for the start of the 2021 Cazoo Tour Championship.

Of course, it isn’t to every fan’s taste.

The Reddit question, “WTF has Neil Robertson done with his hair? He looks mad AF”, has garnered a range of responses.

One user encouraged Robertson to “keep his curls out and be proud”, while another suggested he is “embracing his Aussie surfer boy roots”. 

Another, recalling days of yore, likened his previous “look” to that of Draco Malfoy. 

Most recently, however, user pierwyjsort wrote: “I think he looks damn cute”. What do you think?

Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images
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