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Lynx Marmite: a match made in heaven?

Laura Gavin June 24, 2020
Lynx Marmite: a match made in heaven?

Excited about your first post-pandemic date? Off to bubble with a loved one you haven’t seen for three months? Why not arm yourself with what is surely the world’s most unlikely aphrodisiac—at least to half the population—Marmite-scented Lynx.

Yep, it’s not a joke.

A sign of the times

You can’t fault them for timing. As a marketing manoeuvre, Lynx Marmite fits neatly within Marmite’s brand identity and the new coronavirus conditions we all have to adhere to. Playing on the classic catchphrase ‘you either love it or you hate it’ within the context of social distancing, the new, very apt product blurb reads ‘keep haters away and lovers close(ish)’.

Lynx Brand Manager Jamie Brooks said:

“By combining two iconic legends that have shaped dating and breakfast culture across the nation, we have created a product like no other that is sure to get lovers and haters spreading the news.”

The savoury scent has only been added to the Lynx Africa line so far, but it’s the latest in a line of spin-off Marmite products, including crunchy peanut butter and chocolate Easter Eggs. So is this one step too far?

Do deodorants and breakfast spreads mix?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan. I’ve been enjoying Marmite on my breakfast toast since around 1984. But the idea of using it as a body spray, normally designed to ‘freshen you up’ doesn’t sound that appealing, whether on myself or my partner. (Irrelevant, as he’s a hater; a source of eternal discord in our household).

While the marriage of ‘breakfast and dating culture’ is a slightly unconvincing one, the good folk on social media have spent the last 24 hours ‘spreading the news’ about Lynx Africa Marmite, so it looks like a win for both brands.

Lovers versus haters

Some were all in favour, with one Twitter user commenting: “It smells as if you were putting on Lynx Africa whilst having some nice buttery marmite on toast”.

Others remarked that just when you thought this year could not get any weirder… it did.

It even led to some questioning their sanity.

Naturally, the haters came out in force.

Although for others, it’s wasn’t the addition of Marmite that was the problem.

A welcome return for Marmite?

This all said, there was a scare earlier in the month, when it was reported that the closure of the pubs and the consequent stall in beer production had caused a yeast shortage and Marmite temporarily stopped selling their large jars.

For those of us that were worried, it’s reassuring to see Marmite back on the shelves, even if it’s not on the shelf you expected.

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