Joe Biden with a beard? Photos of a young Biden spark facial hair petition

Bruno Cooke November 13, 2020
Joe Biden with a beard? Photos of a young Biden spark facial hair petition
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The internet is calling for Joe Biden to regrow his beard. That’s right, he once had a beard, as proved by photos of a young Biden that have resurfaced recently. There is even a petition. But does Biden need a beard?

Young Joe Biden with a beard

A photograph, apparently dated to 1966 in Ireland, shows a 24-year-old Joe Biden sporting a tightly cropped but well-defined beard.

Commenters drew attention to the supposed fact that “people underestimate the power of internet thirst”. Therefore, they say, “more of [Biden’s] young pictures should circle around”. 

Well, Joe Biden has already won the election. So, Democrats don’t need to circulate pictures of a bearded Biden in order to improve his chances of winning.

However, that hasn’t stopped Twitter from doing its thing.

Twitter calls for Biden to regrow his beard

Twitter users have convened en masse to popularise the image of Joe Biden’s erstwhile beard. One user pointed out that all of bearded US presidents have thus far been of the Republican persuasion.

Presumably, this is a call for Biden to buck the trend. Another user alerted us to the fact that it’s been over 100 years since a US president ruled with a beard: “The time is now”.

The petition campaign

A petition on the campaign site Move On, calling for Biden to participate in “No Shave November”, has so far collected 306 signatures of its target 400. It is already almost two weeks late, but props to them for trying.

Under the subheading Why is this important?, the campaign leader stated: “The US has not had a sitting president with facial hair since Taft and Biden looks great with a beard”.

In 2018, Washingtonian magazine asked its readers whether several DC figures, including Joe Biden, would look better with a beard.

Meanwhile, others have found a resemblance between Joe Biden and the old version of Steve Rogers, from the Avengers films. 

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