After my most recent relationship came to an end, I did what most modern-age singletons do and fired up Tinder. Usual stuff; swiping through the profiles of terrible human beings to try to find the normal people like you and me.

But considering the fact we’re living in a pandemic, I’m not sure dating is the right activity to fill my time.

Dating and contact tracing don’t mix

I have seen friends and family over the last few weeks since lock-down has been easing, dutifully keeping our distance and staying outside, not mixing more than two households indoors.

Compare that now, if you would, to a first, or perhaps even second or third date.

I haven’t given my brother or my best friend a hug in, what, four months? So what does that mean for dating a potential suitor? At least with my friends and family, I have a decent idea of where they have been, who they have seen and how strict they are when it comes to social distancing. Some dude I’m meeting in a park for a socially distant date – I’ve got no idea!


What if the date goes too well?

Then what happens if you fancy them? Gone are the days of light flirtatiousness, a touch on the arm here and there, right? Or are those days still valid and us singletons can break the rules if said date seems to be an upstanding human being AND covid-free?

Sure, we all want to date someone healthy. But who would have thought we’d need to worry about possibly contracting or spreading a deadly virus as well as all of the other ‘must-haves’ we each list when it comes to choosing a partner?

Certainly for me, going on a date and sitting two metres apart on a sunny afternoon in my local park is rather strange. I haven’t even tried to navigate an evening date yet, where the booze is flowing freely and the overwhelming urge to kiss someone you fancy is unavoidable.

Is that even allowed? Would we get fined? I’ve looked and I can’t see any government guidance on kissing relative strangers but I’m pretty sure officially it would be a no-go activity.

Love hearts

What about the apps themselves? I see there is a feature where you can verify your profile with facial recognition. Will there be a similar functionality if (hopefully when) we have a vaccine?

TICK, this person is real and, TICK, this person is vaccinated.

Now would be a good time to invent some kind of pandemic-proof dating app, I think. One that allows for facial recognition whilst wearing a mask, perhaps?

Images: @r_smith_photography 

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